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Distributor Drive Gear for a Vortec Roller Cam

Sep 5, 2012. The bronze gears aren't the best remedy, they make a composite gear.....I believe Comp Cams makes one. X2 - But before yanking the.【Get Price】

roller cam/distributor gear wear | The H.A.M.B. - The Jalopy Journal

Nov 6, 2010. Anybody running a roller cam in their small chev? I've run both the comp composite and the bronze gear and was wondering how long people.【Get Price】

Pertronix Distributor Gear [Archive] - Forums

They told me it is a steel gear for a roller cam.. for the life of me I can't find any iron or composite gears for a 351W with a 0.50" shaft distributor.【Get Price】

Distributor gear: composite, bronze, cast iron, or ? |

I was under the impression that all roller cams need a bronze, composite or melonized gear. When I bought my Howards hydraulic roller, my.【Get Price】

Distributor gear for billet cams -

I have bought a Comp Cams steel billet roller cam from Mark, cutlassefi.. There is supposed to be a Mallory composite gear available, but since MSD bought.【Get Price】

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Distributor Iron Drive Gear; Designed For Iron Camshaft Or Roller Cam w/Iron Gea. Competition Cams Carbon Ultra-Poly Composite Distributor Drive Gears.【Get Price】

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A roller camshaft offers several advantages to the performance engine builder.. plastic composite or special-blend distributor gear that will be compatible with.【Get Price】

Pontiac Firebird Distributor Gear | Advance Auto Parts

Jun 13, 2017. Competition Cams - .500" I.D. Composite Distributor Gear for Chevrolet Small and Big Block (Part No. 12140). Description.【Get Price】

Comp cams P/N suffix -9 uses what type of dist gear? | Yellow Bullet.

Aug 9, 2018. I have a ford comp cams hyd roller cam, with a part number ending in -9. Need to know if a steel distributor gear can be used with it (MSD distributor).. Cams.【Get Price】

Distributor gear for roller cam?? -

500" shaft diameter and the Lunati gear is .491" (I guess I could drill out the gear to fit the larger shaft). Mark (CutlassEFI) suggested a composite gear, but I can&nb.【Get Price】

SBF distributor/cam gear failure - 429-460

After a bit of troubleshooting I noticed the distributor was not turning the. year I put a duraspark dizzy with a cast gear into one of my cars with a hyd. roller cam just..【Get Price】

Best steel distributor gear for 351 Windsor | Vintage Mustang Forums

Apr 11, 2020. I put a MSD steel gear on my MSD dizzy with my roller steel cam.. COMP Cams composite distributor gears are manufactured from Carbon.【Get Price】

Best compatible distributor gear material (steel, cast iron, or bronze.

Jul 15, 2015. A composite distributor gear looks like the best option but MSD does. a flat tappet cam, or had that engine been upgraded to a roller cam by.【Get Price】

FE Comp hydraulic roller cams and distributor gears.. - 332-428.

Jan 4, 2013. I am trying to use Comp hydraulic roller cams and the once a year worn out bronze gear is not an option. Who makes a FE composite gear for a.【Get Price】

What gear to run with cam | For A Bodies Only Mopar Forum

Mar 9, 2014. I bought a comp cams retrofit hydraulic roller cam from another Abodies member and he said that he ran a stock distributor gear with it.. via email and their te.【Get Price】

Interesting info on distributor gear material for flat roller hydraulic.

Feb 10, 2016. He was saying the HEI on his old flat tappet cam had a steel gear.. Interesting info on distributor gear material for flat roller hydraulic roller cams..【Get Price】

Distributor gears bronze vs Composite? | Team Camaro Tech

Apr 2, 2016. I have a roller cam in my engine so I can't run an iron distributor gear. Has anyone run the composite gear? Does it last any longer? So far I.【Get Price】

COMP Cams 35100 Carbon Distributor Gear, .531 Inch, 221-302.

COMP Cams Composite Distributor Gears have undergone stringent testing in various applications with positive results. These super tough gears show great.【Get Price】

Distributor Gear Material ? | Team Camaro Tech

Mar 14, 2019. Cam companies can put melonized gear on a billet cam core. The cam I currently have installed is a Comp Cam Hyd Roller made of. Finally, either bronze or c.【Get Price】

Bronze oil pump gear not good for street ? - Moparts Forums

Jan 27, 2013. Comp has a new type of gear (carbon composite is their description) not. cams(solid and hydraulic roller lifters) and bronze alloy distributor.【Get Price】

Selecting the Correct Distributor Gear | Bronco Forum - Full Size.

An improper mesh between the camshaft gear and distributor gear can damage the. Cam, an Austempered Ductile Iron Roller Cam or a Billet Steel Roller Cam.. These are new sta.【Get Price】

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Items 1 - 7 of 7. Comp Cams - Comp Bronze Distributor Gear for Mallory/Unilite .491" CCA-. Gear *For RAV / 455SD Only* Composite Distributor Gear .491 Shaft.【Get Price】

Distributor Gear; Chevy 265-454 Composite Howards Cams 94402.

Distributor Drive Gear; Chevy 265-454 Composite Howards Cams 94402. SKU: 94402. UPC: 840793122394. Category: Valvetrain Components. Distributor.【Get Price】

Distributor Gear: Bronze or Composite ? -DragStuff - DragStuff Home

I'm running a billet roller cam and was told to use either a bronze or composite gear on my distributor. I went with the bronze gear and it has.【Get Price】

Chevy Hydraulic-Roller Cam: Get the Right Distributor Gear

Aug 25, 2017. The lowdown on small-block Chevy hydraulic-roller cam distributor gears, lifter adjustment and break-in.【Get Price】

Lunati Voodoo cam chewing up distributor gears - GM Performance

Nov 28, 2012. Has anyone had any luck with everwear or composite gears?. On the first cam (60622) the distributor gear ate the cam gear.. 2) All Roller camshafts are eith.【Get Price】

Can I use a steel distributor gear on my roller cam? | StangNet

I have a distributor with a steel gear, its not a cast gear its steel. I'm just running a Ford B303 cam. I have read some places that I need a bronze.【Get Price】

Distributor gear question for new motor. -

Feb 24, 2003. When I ordered my hydraulic roller cams, they told me the cams are of billet steel and I requested the cast iron distributor gear to installed on.【Get Price】

Distributor gear selection | Hot Rod Forum

Feb 26, 2020. roller cam and have read that you should use a melonized or composite gear with roller cams. Is this really necessary or can I run the iron gear.【Get Price】