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The present invention discloses a connector used to join two or more panels having a foam core and having a cavity defined in a edge thereof. The connector includes a connector body having at least two attachment heads which are dimensioned to fit snugly within the corresponding cavities bounded by internal sidewalls defined in the foam core.【Get Price】

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a first connector comprising a cylindrical elongated member sized in radius to fit snugly within said semicircular recessed channels in the core faces said connector being formed of a plastic foam core with a plastic resin and portland cement coating said connector for joining a pair of said building panels together said connectors being sized in length to extend between said circular.【Get Price】

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Panel interface connectors (PICs) are devices installed in the outside of a panel that houses a PLC a computer or other devices. The PIC allows the user to interface the PLC or the computer without opening the panel door avoiding potential safety...【Get Price】

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A connector used with a panel having a foam core and having a cavity bounded by a densified skin and defined in an edge thereof the connector comprising: a connector body having a length; an attachment head provided on said connector body said attachment head being dimensioned to fit snugly within the corresponding cavities defined in the foam core; elongated plural barbs provided on each.【Get Price】

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Foam Core Sandwich Panels Foam bonded to twill carbon fiber Lightweight high stiffness Great for aerospace and automotive applications When weight savings are critical strength is a requirement and quick delivery a must these foam core sandwich panels offer huge advantages over solid composite plates.【Get Price】