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There are premade cement steps that the previous owner put up to the slab porch. Unfortunately they don’t meet. The top step is about 2 inches shorter than the porch which is awkward and ugly. When the previous owner tiled the porch they slanted the tile on that discrepancy and it looks like they tried to file the cement underneath and they glued instead of grouted that tiles. Anyways I.【Get Price】

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This do it yourself video How to tile an exterior concrete stairs - Part 1 or how to tile outdoor concrete steps and how to tile outdoor patio shows in deta...【Get Price】

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Cut out a piece of plywood that can cover the length and width of your concrete step. Use plywood that is 5/8 of an inch thick. Cut out several identical pieces to cover all the steps on your stairway. Step 4【Get Price】

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Carpeting is a classic popular option for covering concrete stairs. Carpet comes in myriad colors and textures so it can match any decor. Plus just like in your bedroom carpet feels nice beneath your feet and adds a homey warm touch. Do keep in mind that before installing carpet you must first install a liner on the concrete.【Get Price】

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How to repair damaged concrete or stone steps tips and products for repairing broken step / stair edges and corners. 1. Assess the damage - if cracks are through the full depth of the concrete and /or run continuously through a number of steps it is likely that it is caused by structural movement and should be investigated by a Structural Engineer.【Get Price】

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At Walt Tools a bag of micro-topping concrete overlay is about $30.00 per 50 lb. bag and that will cover 100 square feet at 1/16" thick. The 1/8" - 3/8" bag of concrete overlay is about $24.00 per 50 lb. bag it covers 22 square feet at 1/4" thick.【Get Price】

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Use Pavers to Cover Your Concrete Patio Want a more permanent cover up idea? ‘ Family Handyman ‘ has a complete step by step for you on how to cover a concrete patio with pavers.【Get Price】

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Evergreen shrubs lining up the concrete garden steps make a good ornamental boundary. Japanese ornamental grasses and other shrubs are side by side with dark boulders as they make way for the rugged stone garden steps. These garden steps are made up of wood planks making a curve around the bend downwards on the green grassy slope.【Get Price】

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1/ Prepare the steps: Before you begin to lay the tile over your concrete steps make sure that the concrete surface is properly prepared. Mix up a bucket of the TSP solution and use it to scrub the floor with a scrub brush. It helps remove dirt grease and oil.【Get Price】

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Choosing tile for covering concrete steps was fairly easy. Instead of looking for the most appealing tile we considered the surface first and foremost. This narrowed down our choices drastically. We chose an indoor/outdoor porcelain tile with a rough surface for walking grip so it wouldn’t be slippery when wet.【Get Price】

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Q: Can I glue pavers over the steps? A: Yes. If your patio includes steps you must cover the treads in order to maintain the height of the steps. Or you can completely cover the steps if you like. Just be sure to leave a gap of at least 1/2 in. between the pavers on the steps and those on the patio to allow for movement.【Get Price】

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Apply a coat of mortar to the face of the riser of the step. The riser is the vertical face between the treads or tops of the steps. Apply brick in the same manner as before. Use whole pavers whenever possible and make sure to work the paver into the mortar.【Get Price】

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Concrete pool walkways Maybe you’ll decide to cover all these surfaces with synthetic grass carpeting but before you do so be aware that there is an economic long-lasting solution to your problems. Béton Surface recommends renovating your concrete structures with its polyurea system with vinyl chips or quartz granules.【Get Price】

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Resincoat Exterior Floor Levelling and Resurfacing Compound is designed as a non-structural grade levelling product to repair and resurface damaged or weakened concrete. The formula is suitable for use under external coverings or on areas exposed to rain or frost such as walkways and driveways. This product creates a solid subfloor for subsequent...【Get Price】

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If you are waterproofing outdoor concrete steps lay plastic sheets over nearby landscaping to protect them from the sealer and cleaning solution. Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water. Add 1 cup of household ammonia to the bucket. Scrub the concrete steps thoroughly with the cleaning solution and a stiff scrub brush.【Get Price】

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Cover surfaces that will not be repaired with masking tape. Mix acrylic fortifier with Quick Setting Cement in a bucket stirring it with a mixing paddle chucked in a drill. The acrylic fortifier increases bonding between the surfaces. Apply the mixture to the steps to fill any gaps smoothing the cement as it sets.【Get Price】

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For the concrete steps leading to your entryway a simple way to add architectural interest is to go with a shapely curved step edge rather than a sharp 90-degree angle. A number of manufacturers make polystyrene foam forms for concrete step edges in a variety of architectural profiles including bull nose French curve keystone and quarried stone. Often these same forms can be used for the.【Get Price】

Watch This Video Before Covering Concrete Stairs With Wood. Click on this link for more helpful videos about stair building remodeling and design. Here's anothe...【Get Price】

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Step 2. Let the adhesive dry to the point that it becomes tacky then use a trowel or float to fill the damaged area with a concrete filler. You can prepare this by combining three parts sharp sand with one part cement and a solution of equal parts of PVA adhesive and water mixed separately. Run an arising tool along the edge to create a neat.【Get Price】

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Front steps mark the beginning of our homes the place where the outside world ends and family life begins. In summer we sit on them watching our children play or chatting with the neighbors or simply sipping iced tea. Front steps are meant to welcome guests to invite friends and family in for a spell. But while they need to be sturdy they.【Get Price】

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If the slab has been laid on mortar wet the back and lay it (or a new slab) in position on a fresh bed of mortar mixed with four parts sharp sand to one part cement. Make sure it's in line with the surrounding slabs. Then use a timber off-cut and the club hammer to press the slab into position and fill the joints with dry mortar.【Get Price】

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Set the veneers into the mortar and tap them in place with the rubber mallet. Set the veneers so they have grout lines the same width of the first steps. Repeat until all steps are covered in...【Get Price】