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Simple lift out decks are available for models 30 LT to 48 LT.Fully folding aluminium sheep decks are available in the new Eurostock 326 and 336 models that also have aero dynamic fronts an internal bulk head and hinge down front vents as standard. Possibly the most distinctive and efficient livestock trailers available.【Get Price】

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4 Deck Trailers 4 Deck Trailers – Standard Deck Heights on 265/70 R19.5 tyres at 15’3″ (4650mm) running height : Cattle 5’11” over axles 5’4″ over neck. 275/70 R22.5 wheels are available as an alternative. Options include 20° Pig ramp kit fans and drinkers waste tank and satellite tracking.【Get Price】

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Platinum Four Deck. Safe efficient single operator working full-width quick clean all lifting decks excellent aerodynamics and fuel economy - just some of the benefits that place 'The Platinum' at the pinnacle of 21st Century livestock transportation.【Get Price】

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Horizontal loading gates are used as opposed to the vertical style in our cattle trailer. Lowering the rear ramp section leaved the top deck ready for loading. Internal sheep partitions are built inside the cattle gates for extra strength and all internal fittings are stored inside the trailer when not in use.【Get Price】

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The most recognisable Livestock trailer seen at markets and on farms across the UK. The Ifor Williams brand is synonymous with Livestock trailers trusted by farmers for over 50 years. The Ifor Williams range of Livestock trailers accommodates all Livestock from cattle sheep and pigs to alpacas and llamas plus many others.【Get Price】

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Livestock Trailers. Gamic Trailers have manufactured high quality built alloy livestock trailers for 40 years Available as single and hydraulic deck livestock trailers cattle only livestock trailers on road atv trailers all available at many sizes with many options.【Get Price】

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Hudson Agri Trailers provide robust quality sheep deck system trailers. The Trailer has an extra-long tail door which hinges down from the rear of trailer. The long tail ensures you have the perfect ramp length for loading sheep onto the trailer. This sheep deck system has two levels allowing for a spacious area whilst transporting your livestock.【Get Price】

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Loads of LED lights inside the trailers make it very easy for working in the dark and there is a light in each pen. Higher trailers which gives more comfort for two decks of large cattle and also great comfort for four decks of ewes.【Get Price】

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Nugent Engineering Ltd is a Northern Ireland based manufacturer of trailers and agricultural machinery. Nugent Livestock trailer - Nugent Engineering - Find your nearest Dealer The Nugent Livestock trailer is hand built to last - with the vigour of Ireland’s beef cattle and rugged terrain at the forefront of the design.【Get Price】

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GAMIC TRAILERS MANUFACTURERS OF HYDRAULIC DECK TRAILERS CANOPIES CUSTOM PROJECTS. Gamic Trailers is an established family run business with over 40 years’ experience in the manufacturing of high quality built Livestock trailers and aluminium Canopy Tops general purpose goods trailers aluminium canopies for Landrovers and pickup trucks livestock bodies for lorries and agricultural.【Get Price】

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The folding decks are supported by aluminium deck bars and are pressed to minimise leakage of e˚uent to the lower deck. The deck in the rear section is a hydraulically operated run up ramp to the second sheep deck. The cattle dividing doors are fixed position with slam shut catches. The sheep doors are incorporated in the cattle doors.【Get Price】

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Livestock commercial bodies sheep deck systems. FEEDING TRAILERS . Sheep and cattle feeding trailers. OTHER TRAILERS. Bale trailers low loaders general purpose tippers. HUDSON AGRI TRAILERS. Hudson Agri Trailers are manufactured at our premises in Arm.【Get Price】

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With the deck system folded away the trailer is suitable for use with cattle and other livestock. All components are stored on board the trailer and are conveniently and safely stowed for quick access. When required the deck can be deployed or stowed within a few minutes without the need for any tools or special equipment.【Get Price】

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