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Vinyl-coated versions typically cost about $10 to $15 per linear foot including installation. That works out to $1500 to $2250 for 150 linear feet. A 4-foot fence would probably fall on the low end of those price ranges while a 6-foot fence would likely fall on the high end.【Get Price】

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Calculator assumes 60″ high chain link fence costs $6.04 USD per linear foot and 72″ high chain link fence costs $6.98 USD per linear foot. Calculator assumes vinyl privacy slats cost $8.00 USD per linear foot. Assumes two panel swinging gate costs $220 USD. Disclaimer: Our calculator is for guideline purposes only. There is no guarantee.【Get Price】

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The price of the materials alone is usually between $7 to $30 per linear foot on average and the labor costs average between $6 and $20 per linear foot. There are well over a dozen fencing styles as well as materials to choose from and the most popular options are wood picket vinyl and chain-link.【Get Price】

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Calculating Costs. The cedar fencing on average will cost $7 to $12 per linear foot to be installed on your property. Other cost factors include the addition of gates terrain or obstacles that the fence will be built on. Cedar fencing is more expensive than vinyl fencing might cost. Cedar will also cost a bit more than a common board fence.【Get Price】

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Still in most cases you can expect to pay $15 to $50 per linear foot. While the national averages of material and labor are useful for getting a general idea of what your next project is going to cost you. You want to remember that your actual prices will vary depending on where you live in the country.【Get Price】

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A hurricane or cyclone fence costs $9 to $30 per linear foot installed. A cyclone fence is the same as chain-link fencing. Vinyl coating on cyclone fences offers rust-protection which is popular in coastal and hurricane-prone areas. Black and green vinyl-coated chain-link fence cost【Get Price】

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Cost estimation in terms of labor is normally done in terms of foot which roughly runs around $7 to $12 per foot depending of course on the height of the fence and whether the fence is vinyl coated or galvanized as well as the price of material used. You may still find companies that will charge between $3 to $5 per foot while others will charge a set rate of $50 per hour.【Get Price】

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Cyclone Fence Costs Zip Code Lineal ft. Basic Better Best; Cyclone Fence – Material Prices: $650.00 – $720.00: $740.00 – $790.00: $835.00 – $920.00【Get Price】

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Ornamental steel cyclone fencing costs up to $30 per foot. Galvanized chain link fabric and fused bonded chain link fabric cost from $9 to $12 per foot. Lower end cyclone fencing costs as little $4 per foot. Higher quality fencing generally costs $8 per foot.【Get Price】

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None of them are cheap primarily because many fence types don’t make good privacy fences – Chain link fence picket fence or post rail fence for example. Here is the privacy fence cost for each material that has been discussed. These prices are in privacy fence cost per foot (linear foot): Pressure-treated wood privacy fence cost: $13-$18【Get Price】

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Generally materials for a typical residential chain link fence (2" mesh 9 or 11 gauge) might cost $3-$6 a linear foot for 4' high or $8-$15 a foot for 6' high depending on whether it's galvanized or vinyl coated. A gate can add $100-$350 or more depending on size (walking or driving width) gauge and mesh.【Get Price】

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As one might suspect prices vary depending on numerous factors but the average cost of this type of fence is $7-$12 per linear foot. This cost is based on an average fence height of four feet. Therefore the materials for the fence would probably cost anywhere from $1400-$2400.【Get Price】

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The cheapest fence to install is an aluminum wire fence whose cost ranges between $0.08 to $0.11 per linear foot for the materials. How much does it cost to rent a chain-link fence? Renting five panels of 6’ x 12’ chain link barricade fencing for a month costs $100 to $300 .【Get Price】