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Unlike epoxy and paint concrete stain can be applied in a thin coat that lets the old floor show through. This is one of the cheapest and easiest garage flooring options if your concrete is in...【Get Price】

Garage Floor Covering Solutions and Ideas for Concrete Garage.

On the whole we would suggest a two-part epoxy-based paint as it’s one of the cheapest coverings it provides excellent wear chemical and spill resistance cures quickly and looks good. Additionally if applied correctly it can easily last up to 10 years!【Get Price】

The 4 Best Choices for Garage Floor Finishes

The easiest method for covering a garage floor is to roll out mats made from rubber or polyvinyl plastic. Like garage floor tiles mats can be installed over concrete floors that are slightly stained or cracked with no prep work necessary. Some mats are like rugs others are textured and still others resemble padded gym mats.【Get Price】

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Acrylic Sealer If you have a relatively blemish free garage floor then another inexpensive garage flooring option would be an acrylic sealer. Acrylic sealers are actually a topical coating that will highlight your bare concrete floor by coating it with a clear thin acrylic film.【Get Price】

Insulating Garage Floors With Plywood and Rigid Foam

Insulating concrete garage floors begins with covering the entire floor with 6-mil polyethylene which will serve as a vapor barrier. Overlap the seams about 6 to 8 inches and seal the seams with waterproof construction tape. Run the polyethylene up the sides of the walls 3 to 4 inches and secure to the walls with construction tape.【Get Price】

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A fall-back option to doing the entire floor is to use garage floor mats in a select area. They come in different sizes and textures and are easily transportable. They’re also good for preventing floor stains grease spots and can do double duty work in basements. Containment mats will usually have raised edges thereby allowing them to hold liquids such as oil grease water coolant etc.【Get Price】