building a wood deck over concrete patio


Could a wood deck be built over the patio? A-The usual way to build a deck over a patio is to attach wood sleepers or strips to the surface of the concrete to serve as a fastening structure for the...【Get Price】

Wood decking next to concrete pad - HOW?

You have to get ground contact lumber and drop it into the ground and keep the top of the lumber below concrete the thickness of your decking. I didn't go much into details like blocking weed-block fabric under the stone etc just something to give you an idea.【Get Price】

DIY Floating Deck Part 2: Frame Waterproofing • Ugly.

Building a deck over a concrete patio. I put off what I thought was going to be the hardest part until the end. I’d been reading and researching a lot on this part and I found my answer on Family Handyman. In order to create a small section over the concrete patio I would have to screw wood “sleepers” into the concrete. Then after.【Get Price】

can i build a larger wood deck over a concrete patio

Building a wooden deck over a concrete one - Instructables . Replacing the concrete deck with wood could have been done in one of . I've got a large flat slab outside my . the other is to lay a concrete patio over it. .【Get Price】

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But because of his persistence his patio area took on a remarkable transformation and we came up with a solution that can be a benefit. Do you need to replace a broken ugly stained concrete patio? Building A Wooden Deck Over A Concrete One 6 Steps With Pictures Instructables from【Get Price】

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DIY: Building a Deck on Concrete - will need if we ever extend the porch around the house to make it all uniform wood decking. Woot woot wraparound porch! Woot woot wraparound porch! Building A Floating Deck【Get Price】

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Fortunately there’s a great alternative to removing the concrete pad and building a deck with joists and posts: Advantage Deck Tiles™. These tiles are made specifically for installations directly over a flat surface such as concretes pads or balconies. With Advantage Deck Tiles™ you can give your outdoor living space a new look in just under a day at a fraction of the cost of building a.【Get Price】

can i build a larger wood deck over a concrete patio

diy steps for building a deck over a patio slab: the low down on . how to build a deck over an existing patio slab with low clearance. . for example you can drill into the concrete with a masonry bit and drive in anchors or use . bridge from the slab to the pier blocks with a wider joist board. . most lumber yards and homeimprovement stores have people and printouts that can help you .【Get Price】