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The brick wall is the original boundary wall and has no piers. I want to build a fence on top the wall and bring it forward. My idea has been to fix 3x3 inch posts about 6 foot high inside the wall about every 1.5 metres using several 6" thunderbolts. Then fix another vertical 3x3 post about 3 feet high on top the wall using 7 inch bolts to fix.【Get Price】

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Clearly you can't build a wall that encroaches on your neighbours land without their permission. this a wall needs to be thick to be safe secure. If you want the wall option you will most like need to wall on your side - taking away quite a bit of garden space if you're in a terrace house where width is a premium.【Get Price】

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Fixing a fence post to a wall is straight forward using frame fixings or similar. Just be careful because the wall is built of block. These are inherently less satisfactory than brick walls. A heavy use of a hammer drill will loosen the joints. loosen the blocks and the wall will be useless. If the mortar is weak or suspect then it becomes.【Get Price】

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Measure and mark the 2-by-4-inch fencing rails for the section of fence that meets the wall. Cut the rails to length with a circular saw. Insert the end of one rail in a rail bracket. Use the level...【Get Price】

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Step 3. Calculating the post lengths. Decide on the height of your fence and you can work out the length of the posts to buy.; If you're burying wooden posts in concrete you'll need 8ft (2.4m) posts for a 6ft (1.8m) fence - i.e. your posts are 2ft (0.6m) longer than the fence height.【Get Price】

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Top Of The Wall Block Installing your fence post on top of the wall block is the most challenging of the three. You’ll need an engineer to analyze your wall before any installation can be done. If your wall has a height of 200-400mm then the fence can be built directly on top of the wall.【Get Price】

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The wall is built of basic masonry brick and topped with a short red brick. The expensive route would be to add more brick and simply keep building up but since the brick is nothing special we thought building up by adding wood fencing would be the best easiest and fastest option.【Get Price】

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Brick retaining walls are used for many purposes from keeping land on a hill from dislodging to keeping property intact. Reinforcing existing brick retaining walls can go a long way towards allowing the wall to withstand more pressure. Brick retaining walls are often built with reinforcement already in them. Over time these walls can still become weak. The following article will explain how.【Get Price】

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How to tie a new wall to an existing brick or block wall. In this guide we show you the various methods of tying new walls into existing brick and block walls using various methods such as bonding and toothing out and also the newer method of the wall starter kit. Also find out about building regulations and clarifying if your cavity needs to be continued into the new construction and whether.【Get Price】

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Hi all we have a breeze block wall for about half of our garden on the right hand size that is about 4ft high and 25ft long. Now the wall is too low for our liking as we can see in two gardens that back on to the side of our property. Do you think it would be okay to put up a 6ft fence using 6ft x 6ft fence panels and attach them directly to the wall using plugs and screws rather than.【Get Price】

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Build the fence by screwing the fence rails to the cleats with the top rail about a foot beneath the top of the fence and the bottom rail about a foot above the bottom. Use galvanized screws to secure the fence panels to the rails using the drill and screw-head bit.【Get Price】

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At the other end of the fence the section that connects to the existing railing will be a full-size panel as long as you cut the original railing exactly as shown in Fig. A. NOTE: To visually blend the privacy fence with your original deck build it from the same type of wood. If your original wood railing has weathered (see the unweathered.【Get Price】

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I suggest putting new posts into the ground and putting treated 4x2 along them to form the retaining wall. Put it as close to the fence as practical. Then line the dirt side of the wall with a suitable plastic (the kind that's used for building ponds). And fill up the ground to level it.【Get Price】

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Can a party fence wall (also the boundary wall) be on someone else’s land and also abut my land? So far they have acknowledged it is their wall the brick supports are in their garden. They are saying that if it is a party fence wall and straddles both owners land I will have to pay half the cost of rebuilding it and will have a say in how it is rebuilt or if it is on their land they can do.【Get Price】

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I'd suggest installing 2.5 inch diameter metal fence posts (the type used for fence posts on cyclone fencing) immediately adjacent the fence at 6 foot on center spacing with 18 inch deep by 9 inch diameter concrete footings and then bolting pressure treated doug fir 2 x 12's to the poles and lastly using a plastic liner like bamboo rhizome barrier to form a moisture shield at the inside of the wall before you backfill with soil.【Get Price】

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Installed Behind the Block Installing the fence or railing directly behind the block is a common application. Fences can be placed closer to the wall than 3 feet but a design professional should be involved with the project to ensure that the top of the retaining wall can withstand the forces from the fence. As a fence gets closer to the wall.【Get Price】

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A tall wall or fence at the end of a London garden has been covered with mirror glass. A trellis has been placed on top and tall trees have been planted in front of it. This is where an apartment block was built behind an established house. Although such a high wall or trellis wouldn’t normally be allowed it’s likely that it was a condition to maintain the privacy of the original house.【Get Price】