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Composite decking Durability . All composite decking manufacturers promote the stability of their material and colors and the need for periodic maintenance. All manufacturers here offer five-year warranties on the basic material product. The 2G is more popular with sailboat owners because of the lighter weight and cooler feel of the material.【Get Price】

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When you compare our large range of composite decking with wooden decking you will understand why homeowners rated our material high. To start with our decking composite is unlike hardwood decking that requires chemicals for it to last long. When you use wood decking for a long time it will gradually lose its strength and become less durable.【Get Price】

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When lab-tested a composite decking comparison shows that AZEK decking proves to be up to 30 degrees cooler than competitive composite decking products. Also AZEK boasts up to 40% better slip resistance than leading competitors thanks to superior traction.【Get Price】

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While timber decking’s lifespan varies depending on how well it’s looked after composite decking’s life expectancy is far more reliable. Composite decking can last up to or over fifty years with very little maintenance beyond semi-annual cleaning. This lifespan is partly due to the unique mix of materials found in composite decking.【Get Price】

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The type of decking you go for should depend on your situation personality and taste but generally speaking composite decking takes the crown as the best type of decking. This article compared composite and wooden decking and found that composite decking is best for durability ease of maintenance lifespan and variety where as wooden decked was cheaper and easier to replace.【Get Price】

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Home \ Composite Decking . Want to know the price of your deck? It will only take a sec: Call us on | 01404 598 353 : Email | [email protected] : Home: Why Choose Us? Decking Products : By Type : Composite: Hardwood: Softwood: Antislip: Mar.【Get Price】

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Hollow vs. Solid Composite Decking. When buying composite decking you will have a choice of either hollow or solid boards. It can often be difficult to choose the right one for you so here is a comparison of both. Hollow. The most obvious advantage of the hollow boards is that they weigh less. This is due to them featuring lightweight.【Get Price】

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Designed with lasting beauty incredible durability and easy maintenance there’s no compromising with high-performance composite decking. That’s why high-performance composite is the only type of decking we make. We’ve paired against other types of decking for a head-to-head comparison that proves outdecks outlasts and outperforms the rest. Go ahead and see which decking.【Get Price】

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Composite decking boards come in many different styles sizes shapes and prices. When considering which brands to invest in for your own composite decking project it is always worth checking the current market value of composite decking boards. This can easily be done with a price comparison using decking calculators and suppliers’ quotes!【Get Price】

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While a hardwood deck can be constructed with joists 16′ apart most composite deck joists must be built 12′ or less apart to prevent sagging. Skip composite and stick with real wood. The main competitor to composite decking in the early years was pressure-treated (PT) lumber. In comparison to PT wood composite decking does have advantages.【Get Price】

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AZEK is a 100% PVC board and contains no wood. Fiberon by comparison is a composite material made from recycled plastic and wood flour. Overall Fiberon boards are the more economical choice with 100 sq. ft. of their mid-grade boards coming in at about $700 compared to AZEK’s mid-grade boards at $1000.【Get Price】