building patio over existing concrete slab

Install a Stamped Concrete Patio Over an Existing Patio.

Step 2 - Clean and Inspect the Existing Patio Slab. Sweep and vacuum the existing slab and wash it with warm water and liquid degreasing detergent. Dry it with a leaf blower or wait 12 hours to let it air-dry. Inspect the entire surface on your knees with the handheld spotlight to check for cracks or sunken areas. Mark these with sidewalk.【Get Price】

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Note: If the patio slab will abut an existing concrete structure such as a garage slab driveway or house foundation install strips of expansion joint material onto the existing structure using spray adhesive or concrete nails. Align the top of the expansion joint strip with the tops of the form boards. This expansion joint will isolate the new concrete from the old to help prevent cracking.【Get Price】

21 DIY Patio Cover Plans-Learn How to Build a Patio Cover.

These detailed patio cover plans also show you how to build a wooden deck over an existing concrete slab. The tall A-line roof allows for maximum sunlight to shine on the patio while keeping the weather elements out. 7- Wooden Patio Cover. Here’s a YouTube video that will provide you with detailed visual instructions on how to build a patio.【Get Price】

building patio over existing concrete slab

22 Feb 2013 It's an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your old concrete patio. or paving stones is a cost-effective way to build a patio for your back yard. The answer is yes you certainly can lay paving stones over an existing concrete patio. the paver patio is a lot more attractive than a bare concrete slab. Get-Prices【Get Price】

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Yes you may pour a concrete pad overlay over an existing slab. You need to consider the added height and weight of the overlay on the existing structure. Overlays may include polymers portland cement concrete or epoxies. If you decide to use a portland cement latex-modified or epoxy-modified concrete overlay carefully follow the.【Get Price】

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In the video below I poured a new stamped concrete patio slab right over the old existing concrete. The old concrete was over 20 years old. It was originally poured in multiple sections so it had some seams that looked like cracks.【Get Price】

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Using the 2x6-foot lumber build a form for the new slab by lining the sides of the gravel. Make sure that they lay on the edge on top of the gravel. At the edges nail the lumber together. Continue lining the lumber on the perimeter until they are the same level as the current patio you are extending and make sure they’re level. Hammer wooden stakes outside the frame so that they provide.【Get Price】

How to Pour Concrete Over-Existing Concrete Slab?

Pouring a new layer of concrete over an existing walkway patio or porch will raise the level by several inches. If the slab runs up to a door the raised surface may not provide the necessary clearance for the door to open.【Get Price】


The top of any patio should be 2 bricks (6") below the dpc. If you make sure the slabs start at this level then run away from the house slightly you should have no water problems. You may find you need a place at the lowest part with gravel sunk into the soil to allow drainage.【Get Price】

Build a deck over your existing concrete slab to beautify.

Jul 9 2020 - Build a deck over your existing concrete slab to beautify your backyard | Decking Patio DIY | Exterior House Renovations | DIY Home Improvement | Learn more at【Get Price】

How to Build a Pergola Over a Concrete Patio

Wood posts ought to be anchored solidly if there’s a current slab or set in concrete. In order to provide a standard appearance to the arbor multiple layers of paint may also be applied. Underwater shade structures can be extremely critical in ponds that have fish inside them especially in the event the pond doesn’t have much in the method of pure shade.【Get Price】

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Concrete is fully cured after 28 days – this is when your new patio will be at its full compressive strength. However the advice is usually to avoid walking on it for at least 24 to 48 hours to allow it to dry and strengthen and become the beautifully laid patio you’ve put so much effort into. LAYING PAVING SLABS ON EXISTING CONCRETE?【Get Price】

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Plan Carefully: If you’re pouring footings or digging holes for posts design your patio or deck around the location of the lines. If you’re building a simple shallow paver patio with the right precautions you should be able to build it on top of existing lines.【Get Price】