wood plastic post laminate

Post-Forming Laminate in Three Dimensions

I would like some advice regarding post formed plastic laminate edges. I am being told by a local woodworker that post formed edges cannot be fabricated when radiused corners are involved. The edge detail I would like to use is a cushion edge that when in use as a work surface will not cut into the forearms of the person at the station.【Get Price】

What Is Post-Formed Laminate? | Hunker

Post formed laminate countertops are continuous and have no lines where two separate pieces of laminate meet. Laminate is created when layers of decorative and core paper are fused into a single sheet by saturating the papers with resins and then pressing them under high heat. Conventional laminate tends to be stiff inflexible horizontal sheets.【Get Price】

Recycled Plastic Post 100 x 100 Square Post

This 100 x 100 square post is a tough recycled plastic post or rail for use in challenging environments where durability and strength is essential. Often used for fencing applications and sign posts. We use it to mount our country park information boards. This is ideal for applications where wood is the traditional material.【Get Price】