composite fencing vs vinyl fencing cost

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Composite fencing is often less expensive than wood fencing but more expensive than vinyl fencing. The wood inside of the fence will also lead to a few drawbacks. The wood will expand and contract as the humidity changes and it can lead to things getting warped over time. Composite fences are also susceptible to staining if they are placed near flowers grasses or shrubs.【Get Price】

composite vs vinyl fencing cost

Composite Fencing Vs. Vinyl Fencing | eHow. Extruded vinyl and composite fences are available in a variety of colors sizes. in price although as the quality of the material increases so will the final cost....>> Building a Fence - Fences 101 - Bob Vila. Though vinyl may initially cost more than wood it's less expensive over time.【Get Price】

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The initial costs are typically more than vinyl and wood fencing. The low-end products run the risk of having the composite material expanding and warping with extreme weather changes. The higher-end products have none of these issues and virtually maintenance free making them the best long-term investment. The high-end composite products will nearly half the cost of wood in a 25-30 year life.【Get Price】

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Whereas vinyl costs around $25 per linear foot composite costs around $35 per linear foot. In some cases it can cost as much as $45 per linear foot. Again it’s important to keep in mind that composite lasts much longer than vinyl — sometimes as much as doubling its lifespan.【Get Price】

vinyl vs composite fence cost

Fencing Materials - Bob Vila Initially wood costs significantly less than either vinyl or composite and if properly constructed and maintained a wood fence will last for many years.【Get Price】

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Composite fencing is generally more expensive than vinyl fencing. Because the fence has some wood in it it does expand and contract somewhat with the changes in weather and may warp in extreme...【Get Price】

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Pros: Composite fencing is made up of a combination of wood and plastic (often recycled) that looks a lot like wood but comes with fewer drawbacks. These fences are low-maintenance insect-resistant and less likely to rot than other materials. Cons: Composite fences are typically more expensive than wood and they require more upkeep than vinyl.【Get Price】