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Exterior wall cladding design has evolved quite a lot over the past decade. Once upon a time the brick was seen as a basic component to the building but more recently it has become the designers colour palette for creativity. Exterior wall cladding can made from all kinds of materials but with so many options now available to architects choosing the correct material for your next design.【Get Price】

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Brick Slips House Cladding Brick is often laid as a self-supporting ground-bearing skin. However there is an increasing use of brick skins or slips hung off a metal base that is fixed to an inner wall. Although they are quick to lay brick slips are an expensive house cladding option.【Get Price】

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Sustainably resourced metal cladding solar fitted cladding and even stone faced GRC have been emerging options for Sustainable cladding in the Middle Eastern market.【Get Price】

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External Cladding Options In addition to the mild steel used on our Steel Anti-Vandal cabins and Plastisol on our Jackleg/Skid-Mounted units we offer a number of alternative options for external cladding such as the extremely popular timber cladding. The only real reason to choose an alternative cladding is for aesthetic appeal.【Get Price】

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Highly durable and weather resistant fibre cement panels are perfect for giving your home a strong sense of character while protecting from the elements. Made from a mixture of cement sand fillers and cellulose fibre cement cladding requires little maintenance and comes in a range of colours.【Get Price】

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Top tips for exterior cladding and render: Depending on the material you use exterior cladding is usually fixed to a house with timber battens or a steel frame which is attached directly to the structural walls. Applying cladding or render is the perfect opportunity to improve your home’s insulation. Using render to do this tends to be less.【Get Price】

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Vinyl cladding is installed usually by hanging nailing or gluing it to the exterior wall. If there is an existing weatherboard that is not made of wood you would have to remove it before installing. Plastic will expand when hot and contract when cool depending on the weather. Thus nailing it too tightly could make the cladding to crack especially older products. This could necessitate.【Get Price】

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Build It Directory: More timber cladding options from Russwood Hardwoods from Europe or the tropics are more durable but more costly than European softwoods which tend to be more eco-friendly. Try ThermoWood from FinnForest which is treated to reduce its thermal conductivity.【Get Price】

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Cladding on the exterior of a structure can protect the building from the effects of sun rain and snow while also providing extra insulation throughout the colder months. As well as this external cladding can completely transform the decorative appearance of a structure whether it be a house office or any other building.【Get Price】

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One of the more popular options for house cladding is brick slips – they are thin (about 20 – 25mm) lightweight and usually fixed to a backing panel with adhesive. For a realistic and pointed look mortar is inserted into the gaps. Ranges include reclaimed and handmade finishes in a variety of looks. 5.【Get Price】

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Using Corian for Exterior Cladding Corian is a composite material (a blend of natural minerals and acrylic polymer) that is often used for worktops but can also be used as an exterior cladding method. It comes supplied as large panels that can be built up to achieve any shape or form required.【Get Price】

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Larch is a more cost-effective cladding material than Cedar and light in colour. This makes it a good option for a pigmented exterior stain for a dramatic and personally colour choice. Pigmented stains preserve the visible grain pattern in the wood but provide a block colour to the exterior finish.【Get Price】

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The most popular choices Among the materials for facades the most significant importance for years has been given to brick and different types of plaster. Both of these materials are available in many colours and are suitable for arrangement in different styles.【Get Price】

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Exterior wall cladding using stones gives your structure natural elegance and style that is also unique from other styles of cladding. Stone cladding is commonly used in decorating landscape gardens. Some of the commonly used stones include slate marble and sandstone.【Get Price】