how to put composite decking on stairs

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If your decking is laid on a flat surface you can use the same type of decking to build a frame around the outer edges of the area and put the side of the decking instead of the end of the decking outside to form a natural covering to cover the decking end cut. But if it is laid in the steps or stairs you can choose our special decorative board for edge sealing. This kind of decorative.【Get Price】

Composite Deck Stairs | Composite Wood For Stairs

The minimum width for stairs is 36" You can accord to your design to choose and buy composite decking stairs. This means you will have to plan ahead to make sure each and every one of your stairs measurements is the same. In other words plan ahead so you aren't left with a really tall or short last step because you will fail the inspection. You must maintain a minimum 6'-8" headroom clearance.【Get Price】

Composite Decking Steps Construction Guide - Building Regulations

The following instructions on constructing composite decking steps is a guide only. You will need to work in conjunction with Building Regulations (specifically Part K). You may also need to add balustrade consult with Building Regulations or local planning officer for guidance.【Get Price】

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Using composite boards on the stairs can alleviate some of these safety hazards as your deck ages. What to Look for in Composite Decking for Stairs. Composite decking is a combination of synthetic materials like plastic and organic materials like wood or bamboo flour. Due to its synthetic components composite decking isn’t as prone to rot as.【Get Price】