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The average size of a deck is 400 square feet which means a 20’ by 20’ deck built with high-quality composite material could be priced around $5600. This same deck built with pressure-treated pine lumber may go for around $3000. However the cost difference can be erased after 2-3 years of routine maintenance. At AllPoint we’ve helped hundreds enhance their homes by extending square.【Get Price】

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Composite decking is a great option for those on a budget. Even the best composite decking is only $3 to $7 per square foot. Find a variation in design and color of plastic and wood that will fit your home aesthetic. Consider the size of your deck and the cost of the installation systems.【Get Price】

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Based on these averages if you do the math it can cost between $13500 and $22000 for composite decking versus $8000 to $11200 for a wood deck.【Get Price】

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best composite decking for the moneyEvergrain is one of the best brands of composite wood decking.. Although this may take you a little extra time the money you save will make it worth your while.【Get Price】

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Decking Timber Garden Products. Hoppings offer a comprehensive range of superior timber products featuring quality garden and outdoor treated softwood decking wood composite decking balustrading screening cladding and decking sub-frame products.【Get Price】

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The best composite decking is one that fits your project perfectly. You should think before you use a capped or uncapped composite decking.【Get Price】

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EasyClean Composite Decking The perfect mix of durability and affordability. Our high-quality EasyClean deck boards offer outstanding staying power and value for money.【Get Price】

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composite decking offers outstanding value for money – our prices are extremely competitive and thanks to the superior quality of our deck boards your garden deck will last for decades with virtually no maintenance. Our sister site DeckPlus also has a variety of high-quality composite decking products for tighter budgets.【Get Price】

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It used to be that composite decking was a very low standard and cheap substitute for wood decking. Recent advances have made it possible to get the best of both worlds: the fabulous look of well-maintained high-quality wood decking alongside the best that manmade decking can offer including rot-resistant splinter-free mildew-free slip-resistant and long-lasting boards.【Get Price】

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Looking for the best composite decking? Congratulations – you’ve found it! As a result has become the leading brand for style-conscious property owners developers and architects looking for a premium decking material. It’s the ultimate outdoor floor surface to relax and socialise on all year round.【Get Price】

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There are many things to consider when asking yourself if a composite deck is worth it. For the majority of homeowners composite decks are well worth the investment. While it is more expensive than other types of decking like cedar redwood tigerwood and others it is strong easy to install and doesn’t rot.【Get Price】

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As one of the first composite decking board companies is considered the inventor of composite decks and continuously sets the standards for composite decks making them a reliable and high-quality choice across the board. divides its products into three categories according to their level of quality and price point.【Get Price】