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This is a commonly-quoted disadvantage of composite decking: that it simply doesn't look as nice as genuine hardwood decking. It's true that wood/plastic composite decking will never look quite as natural as 100% wood products but we still think our composite decking products are absolutely beautiful.【Get Price】

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Composite decking will cost between $6-20 a square foot. Which compared to $2-3 for pressure-treated decking is a significant cost increase. A 500 square foot deck for example the pressure treated decking will be around $1.000 to $ 1 500 but composite between $3 000 and $10 000. That’s a $ 9 000 spread between the top and bottom end.【Get Price】

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Summary: Advantages Disadvantages Of Composite Decking Cladco Composite Decking is a man-made environmentally friendly Decking Material made of an amalgamation of 60% FSC accredited wood fibres and 40% recycled plastics together with bonding agents and tints.【Get Price】

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One of the disadvantages of composite decking is that it cost more than wood or timber decking. The reason for comparing composite decking with timber decking is that most of its users switch from wood decking. Homeowners have long used wood decking before they developed composite decking.【Get Price】

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This write-up examines the advantages and disadvantages of wood-plastic composite decking. Advantages of Composite Wood Decking. We will examine the advantage of composite wood decking before examining the disadvantage. Easy to Install. The process of installing composite wood decking begins with purchasing the decking boards from a supplier.【Get Price】

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Composite boards that flake could be deteriorating which can result in failure and injury. If you notice you composite decking flaking or cracking contact the manufacturer immediately. Dealing with Static Electricity Another problem that can affect or any type of composite decking is static buildup.【Get Price】

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Increased heat levels can also cause some of the materials in the composite decking can cause some of the materials to become more flexible. This disadvantage can cause the boards to move out of their fasteners over time. 5. Hidden fasteners create more maintenance problems.【Get Price】