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In this video we are replacing the deck wood on my neighbor's trailer. Myself and DaddyTechEnt use this trailer a lot! the wood finally rotted out after abou...【Get Price】

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Place carriage bolts in the holes and hit the heads with a hammer to set them into the wood. Carriage bolts have a square base on the head that digs into the round edges of the pilot hole to hold...【Get Price】

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Quick Tip on How to Re-Deck Your Car Hauler TrailerThis isn't a full how-to but just a quick tip on how to remove boards when redecking your car hauler trail...【Get Price】

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My awesome drill and driver set!【Get Price】

How to Install new treated wood floor on Utility Trailer.

How to Install new treated wood floor on Utility TrailerWe replaced the deck boards for our new to us utility trailer. Several of the boards were completely.【Get Price】

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First step spend a bunch of money on wood. My trailer is a 16 + 2 car hauler. Which means it has a 16 foot deck and 2ft worth of “dovetail” which makes it easier to load cars with low ground clearance. The only part that is wood is the 16 foot deck portion. To replace it I had to make a trip to Home Depot for eleven 2×8-16ft weather.【Get Price】

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Please watch: "Dogs Playing In The Leaves | FUNNY Golden Retrievers Best Dogs EVER" --~--Replacing decking materi...【Get Price】

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My gooseneck is in dire need of a new wood decking. I've got a few busted and rotted boards. Trailer gets used 2-3days a week hauling my tractor and Skidsteer etc. Current decking is 2x8s. I've noticed some flex in the boards between the floor crossmembers. Would replacing with 2x12s add...【Get Price】