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Wood: For many the appearance of a wood deck conveys style and luxury. Wood’s smooth surface is well-suited in an area where most pool-goers walk around barefoot. To ensure a wooden pool deck doesn’t sustain water or insect damage you have to use sturdy materials like redwood teak or ipe. These woods can become pricey in large quantities. Wooden decks also require yearly maintenance.【Get Price】

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Wooden pool decks come with many different options in terms of the type of woods available for decking. Ideally homeowners should choose hardwood for their wooden pool decking because it is a much more durable option. One of the most popular hardwood choices for pools is Ipe wood.【Get Price】

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Below are photos of a pool deck that one of my coaching clients sent me. I helped out with the pool and they went on to built the deck. They did an excellent job and the end result was a very usable pool and deck. The way this deck was constructed is probably more conventional with the posts being buried into the concrete and then forming a.【Get Price】