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Resistance to weathering UV Resistant Capping Stain Resistance The threat of clumsy spills on your outdoor flooring is almost a certainty… if the mess that mother nature brings isn’t enough, you have family BBQ’s and pets to contend with. The exterior shell of the Advanced range offers exceptional stain resistance and an easy-clean surface which makes cleaning a breeze.【Get Price】

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Installation of composite decking uses the same method of installation as traditional wooden decking, however many new boards including our own range have the added benefit of grooves in the side of the decking which means that hidden fasteners can easily be slipped in between the boards during installation. This means that installation is often faster than laying a traditional timber deck and.【Get Price】

How to Care for Wood and Composite Deck Tiles

As with all wood-based products, wood and composite deck tiles are susceptible to tannin leaching. A tannin is a natural preservative that occurs in all wood and many species of plants. When this organic substance comes in contact with iron in a wet environment, it can turn your wood a darker color. This is called tannin leaching.【Get Price】

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After trying to rejuvenate this tired and worn out decking without success, I stained it with a solid stain and it looks brand new again! The deck surfa...【Get Price】

Wooden Composite Decking Tiles – No Staining – Uncomplicated.

The Castlewood Deck Tile is often a 100% eco-friendly capped composite deck tile comprised of pure wooden grains and interlocking base for a fast and straightforward set up. Additionally, the decking tiles is not going to bend, warp, cut up, or crack so not solely is it straightforward to put in it’s nearly upkeep free.【Get Price】

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Our unique composite makeup, comprised of natural bamboo fibers (48%), recycled high-density polyethylene [HDPE] (48%), and performance additives (4%), is specifically engineered to be a lifetime product and outlasts traditional wood decks and PVC-composites. Our bamboo composite decking is eco-conscious, easy to maintain, and more durable than other materials, making it the safest and best.【Get Price】

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Use Second Generation Composite Decking When you use the Second generation capped composite decking, you don’t have to stain or seal your decking’s surface. This type of decking has an extra layer of plastic that encapsulates the birds and prevents water from entering them.【Get Price】

Composite Interlocking Deck Tiles

accelerated through use of deck brighteners. Rust Stains, Ground-In Dirt and Grime and Pigment Staining Rust and ground-in dirt can also be lightened or removed through the use of deck brighteners. Product may need to sit on the stain for 10 - 15 minutes before rinsing. Kontiki recommends testing this method on a small or obscure area first.【Get Price】

How to Care for Wood and Composite Deck Tiles

Easy to install and care for, wood and composite deck tiles are made for long-term convenience. However, they still require a regular maintenance regimen to keep your outdoor space looking its best. Here are simple cleaning steps for preserving your new deck tile’s beautiful appearance: Wash dirt and debris【Get Price】