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Best Wood For Smoking Turkey (Wood Chips)[Top 7]

Hickory is a popular wood for smoking all kinds of meat. It is especially good for turkey, as it can add the perfect amount of sweetness. The turkey will come out juicy with a hint of sweet flavor. Some professional chefs recommend adding additional ingredients, such as maple glaze or honey to enhance the sweetness.【Get Price】

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Although these are the best woods for smoking brisket, turkey is a lot more delicate. If you do enjoy the traditional smokey flavor oak is the best bet. If you have hickory wood on hand you can use it, but it’s best to blend it with a more subtle smokey wood to balance it out. Hickory, or oak, blends very well with fruity or sweet woods.【Get Price】

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When it comes to smoking meat, everyone has different tastes, but here are a few woods that most agree will give your turkey a terrific flavor. Cherry Wood: Cherry will give your turkey a nice sweet taste that complements the meat perfectly. It also gives your bird a great red color that will help it stand out on a holiday table.【Get Price】

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When turkey is smoked with peach wood, the drippings are going to have a sweet, fruity flavor. It is up to you and your family but the fruity-flavored turkey drippings may not be the best option. The fruitiness may overpower the dressing, rendering it too sweet for most people’s taste buds.【Get Price】

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Aim for lighter tasting woods such as those that come from fruit trees, like cherry wood, to get the sweet smoke and mellow flavor instead of harsher, heavier tasting woods like the commonly used mesquite or hickory or white oak to add subtle smoke flavor ​. Combining woods to give a good depth of flavor can be helpful, too.【Get Price】

What is the best wood to use when smoking a turkey

What is the best wood to smoke a turkey with? Hickory. How do you smoke a turkey and keep it moist? Cover loosely with foil. Smoke at 225 to 250 degrees F (110 to 120 degrees C) for 10 hours, or until internal temperature reaches 180 degrees F (80 degrees C) when measured in the thickest part of the thigh.【Get Price】

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Smoke is the third leg of barbecue, with the other two being heat and time. Smoke is the ancient and time-honored way to add flavor to anything you can cook. In ancient times, smoke was used to preserve meat for long periods of time. Nowadays we use it to enhance the flavor of meats by adding wood to the fire. Of course, not just any wood.【Get Price】

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Cherry is our top choice for the best wood for smoking turkey. It’s flavorful without being overwhelming and should go perfectly with whatever brine you’ve prepared for your turkey. Let’s not forget that cherrywood smoke will add a unique deep color to your turkey.【Get Price】

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Mesquite wood can also be a best wood to smoke turkey because it’s overall a beautiful wood. It is especially great for smoking traditional BBQ. It has been associated with red meats for long. It has a strong and robust wood flavor which is best for smoking brisket and turkey.【Get Price】

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Montana grilling gear smoking and cooking wood chunks are the best maple wood for turkey. Even if you are a bad cook, these wood chunks add deliciousness to your meat. It gives the turkey a smoky flavor. Furthermore, it burns hot.【Get Price】

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To ensure that you have the best smoke for your Thanksgiving turkey possible, it is important to have good wood. But, if you're not familiar with purchasing wood, The Spruce Eats has some useful tips to help your buying (and cooking experience) be as pleasant as possible.【Get Price】

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Many of these woods are best suited to particular meats. When it comes down to selecting a terrific all-around, all-star performer? Hickory is our pick for the best wood for smoking meat all day, every day. Perfect for beef, turkey, and pork, it imparts a sweet, savory, mouth-watering flavor that cannot be beat.【Get Price】

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Best Wood for Smoking Turkey As turkey is quite a delicate meat, going for just oak or hickory can sometimes be a little overkill and is likely to be too much for the bird, making it bitter. Adding in other flavors such as cherry, apple, or pecan can make a nice combination of flavors that really bring the turkey alive whilst protecting yourself from a bitter bird.【Get Price】

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The apple fruit wood can actually be easily used during any type of smoking. It gives very good results when combined with strong wood such as mesquite or oak. Great for: Poultry, Beef, Pork, certain Seafood, Lamb Pecan – It stands out with its rich, sweet, nut flavor (much weaker than Hickory).【Get Price】

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Our final recommendation for the best wood chips for smoking turkey is BBQ Pit Boys’ hickory wood chips. Hickory wood chips have gained the reputation of being the most versatile. It boasts a rich flavor that definitely beats maple wood for turkey, which is even subtler than alder.【Get Price】

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If you are looking for a mild wood that you can use for smoking turkey, maple is one option that should be on your radar. The mild and sweet flavor profile of maple makes it perfect for turkey. While the smoke is sweet, it can give the meat a dark appearance, which will make it more presentable.【Get Price】

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Apple wood. You might probably hear that Applewood is also one best wood for smoking turkey. And it should be because Applewood has that sweet taste like fruity with a tinge of cherry or pecan flavor. Some smokers also prefer apple wood more than cherry and other woods.【Get Price】

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What is the Best Wood for Smoking Turkey? Turkey other poultry are best smoked with mild flavored woods. These woods include apple, cherry, apricot and pear. Also, most nut woods are also mild and suitable for smoking turkey. Tom Mueller. Thanks for dro.【Get Price】

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Now, what type of wood is best for turkey? Wood flavor is kind-of personal preference however there are certain wood type flavors which work better with certain meats. A lot of chefs recommend apple or alder wood for turkeys. They have both a mild but flavourful smoke, which combines perfectly with the turkey.【Get Price】

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Cherry For many, cherry wood is the best choice for smoking a whole turkey. The naturally bland and lean nature of turkey is perfectly complemented by the deep, rich, smoky flavor that cherry can impart to the meat.【Get Price】

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Oak wood gives a medium to heavy smoking flavor to meat and is particularly popular with many fans of smoked meats. It burns slowly and gives hot smoke. There are two types of oak wood – Red oak gives a sweeter flavor as compared to white. It is best for smoking sausages, briskets, beef and lamb.【Get Price】

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Mesquite is a beautiful wood that’s been used for traditional BBQ smoking for decades. The thing is, it’s long been used with tough red meats. And it’s not hard to see why. Mesquite is one of the strongest flavors of wood out there.【Get Price】

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The best wood for smoking turkey is a mild fruit wood like apple, pecan or cherry. This imparts a mild, sweet flavor and gives you good color without overpowering the meat. Avoid wood like hickory and mesquite and some oak as they tend to overpower the fl.【Get Price】

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The list of woods that provide the fruity and sweet flavor to your meats include apple, cherry, plum and pear. The best option is the applewood when you are smoking either pork or poultry. This is because it gives your meats a light, sweet, fruity smoke flavor. Mind you, the flavor here is delicate with a sweet aroma.【Get Price】

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Generally speaking, there are five types of wood that are preferred most above the others when it comes to smoking poultry and turkey in particular. These are usually cherry, apple, alder, and a couple of others. However, it is OK to make use of other sorts of wood if, for instance, one wants to get poultry with a stronger aroma.【Get Price】

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One of the main things that makes a smoking wood great is a dry wood. Which means wood that has been seasoned out by using a heat process. This is why it is the best wood for turkey smoking. It only has 5% moisture.【Get Price】

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The Best Wood for Smoking Turkey. December 3, 2020 September 17, 2020 by Adam. 0 shares. Share; Pin; Turkey is one of the best meats to smoke, especially for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Of course, you can serve a beautifully smoked turkey any time of year..【Get Price】