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Cedar treat has now been on my decking for the past 2 months and can happily report the fade is minamal and water just beads off. For the price I don’t think you will find anything else anywhere near as good, I was paying £60 for 5ltrs of the other product. Have also used on a 5 year old previously untreated fence with excellent results. Looks so much better than cheap wood stain【Get Price】

Cedar Decking Installation Tips

Once you have acquired all of the necessary supplies, you can begin working on your deck. The first step is to frame the deck that you desire using 2 x 4 inch boards for joists that will run perpendicular to the house, 2 x 6 inch boards for cross beams, and 4 x 6 inch board for supporting beams. This will help support the weight of the deck, and the weight of those on the it.【Get Price】

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Western Red Cedar can create a high-quality deck, with a natural ability to resist decay and dimensional properties keeping the decking straight and stable, perfect for home decking or commercial decking use.【Get Price】

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As long as it wasn't pressure treated and as you are only using it as kindling to start your fires, you're good to go. We are using some old redwood lattice and old cedar decking for the same purpose - I tend to split it into shards before using Ranch house in mountains of national forest, NE Cali【Get Price】

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Cedar decking is a popular decking material and rightfully so. Cedar is a beautiful wood, readily available in Canada and the United States. For a wood deck, it is one of the more attractive at its price point and acclaimed to be naturally rot-resistant. But there is much more involved in the pros and cons of cedar deck boards.【Get Price】

Staining Cedar Wood - How to Keep It Colorful and Protected

Red cedar is one of the most popular wood species for exterior use because of its natural rich, red color and its natural resistance to decay. Used for shingles, trim, house siding, decking, fences, hot tubs, and gates, cedar is cheap, widely available, highly versatile, easy to fabricate, and best of all, it weathers exceptionally well.【Get Price】

The Pros and Cons of Using Cedar for Your Deck Project

Overall, western red cedar is a great choice to use for a new deck. In fact, cedar can be used for the substructure as well, making a beautiful deck from bottom to top, literally. It's an option that is more stable and less harmful to the environment than pressure treated wood.【Get Price】

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Cedar is an excellent decking building material. It’s regarded as a premium type material…which is why it’s somewhat fascinating to discover other contractors working with it using the wrong fasteners. There are three good fastener options for cedar decking in my opinion:【Get Price】

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Pressure Treated Wood Decking, Cedar Wood Decking, and Douglas Fir Wood Decking are all good choices, and the most economical in the short term. However, their lifespan is nearly half that of Mahogany woods. Pressure Treated Wood Decking is the most economical initially, followed by Cedar, and then Douglas Fir.【Get Price】

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Western red cedar decking from Silva (Image credit: Silva Timber Products) Low-Maintenance Alternatives to Timber Decking. If you are concerned about the maintenance involved with timber decking, you could opt for an alternative material. In the main, these are either composites or PVCu.【Get Price】

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Cedar decking provides a beautiful surface for a deck. However, just as with other types of wood decking, there are precautions you must take with cedar to keep it looking bright and attractive. 1. Seal Cedar Soon After Installation【Get Price】

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Uses for White Cedar. Because of its durability and longevity, there are many uses for white cedar. You will find it commonly used in decking, siding, shingles, fence panels, and garden materials. These uses are great because of its natural ability to resist wood rot and bugs. You can also find it very commonly used for aquatic purposes. Saunas.【Get Price】

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Regular deck maintenance is recommended for all types of wood decking in order to expand the life of your wood deck, but with Pressure Treated, Cedar, and Douglas Fir Wood Decking, the carpentry repairs and shorter expected lifespan makes it possible that you could end up spending the same amount of money in the long run as you would have on a Mahogany deck.【Get Price】

How to Treat, Finish Maintain Western Red Cedar Wood

Cedar is a gorgeous, dynamic and ever-popular choice for cladding, fencing and decking projects. Here’s all you need to know about treatment, finishing and maintenance for this sought-after timber. Western Red Cedar — or, to give it its scientific name, Thuja plicata — is a species native to the Pacific (northwest) coast of North America.【Get Price】

Wood and Composite Decking Pros and Cons

Start your research by becoming familiar with types of authentic and synthetic decking. Also, you might want to use certain types of lumber or decking for structural parts of your deck project, and other decking timber for surfaces and railings—the parts on which you will walk and actually see.【Get Price】

Cedar Wood Is Used for Beams, Supports, and Foundations

In addition, cedar is a good choice to use for the support posts, underlying frame and cross beams on decks. The wood is one of the few species which is naturally at home in the outdoors. It is classified as a durable wood by the building codes across North America for outdoor applications.【Get Price】