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Recycled plastic can easily replace wood, concrete or even metal, and use of these innovative products significantly reduces the carbon footprint of large construction projects. Research has repeatedly found that the initial cost and savings from reduced long term maintenance are recouped in just 2-5 years.【Get Price】

Tips for Filling Rotted Wood |

Remove Rotten Wood When you discover holes in the wood that is rotting you need to remove all of the rotten wood. You can use your fingers, a screwdriver, or a hammer depending on the size of the area. You want to remove as much of the decayed wood as possible to start with as much sturdy wood as possible.【Get Price】

Rotted Deck Joists: How to Avoid, Prevent Repair Joist Rot.

If you’re handy, you can likely repair or replace rotten joists yourself. However, whether it’s a small or a large repair, you will likely need to remove decking to accurately assess the damage. For small repairs, you may be able to use wood putty and a reinforcing joist.【Get Price】

How to Repair Wood Rot - YouTube founder, Tim Carter, demonstrates two amazing products to repair wood rot.Step one is to brush on a special liquid hardener.Step...【Get Price】

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Use a router with a V-shaped bit to remove any remaining rotten wood. Hold the router so the bit is 1⁄8 inch (3.2 mm) from the back edge of the wood. Use short back and forth strokes to grind away any rot you couldn’t reach with the hammer. Grind the wood until you reach healthy and solid wood.【Get Price】

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But wet or dry rot can affect larger expanses than is obvious from the surface. Often, a deck's wood posts or beams may look relatively intact from the outside but the inside can be rotten and crumbly beyond repair. With rot, the wood typically feels soft and spongy and the outer surface is discolored. Paint may be bubbly. When you push a.【Get Price】