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Plastic is also a popular choice of material amongst speaker designers who place a higher priority on appearance and cost. However, plastic is not a naturally good material for making a speaker from – but it is easy to reproduce any shape, and it is light and durable. It is great for a practical speaker, but not so much a high fidelity one.【Get Price】

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KEY BENEFITS OF PLASTIC WOOD LUMBER Suitable for wet environments Recycled plastic wood lumber is incredibly versatile, being suitable for far more environments than usual timber lumber. It can even be built directly into the ground or under it due to its waterproof nature.【Get Price】

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Sawdust, pulp, bamboo, peanut hulls and unused woodworking materials, like bark, from a variety of projects, are combined with plastic powder to form WPC. What’s most remarkable about wood plastic composite is that it can be created entirely from recycled materials collected from C&D operations, wood product manufacturing facilities, and more.【Get Price】

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Environmental Advantages Wood is the only material that reduces the CO2 emission, as play an important role to slow down Climatic Change. Timber needs less energy in its manufacturing process, so has an environmental impact lower than other materials in their life service cycle.【Get Price】