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There are a few preferred types, including gravel, decomposed granite, natural stones, permeable concrete, permeable pavers, and a grass lawn. Keep in mind: Contrary to popular belief, tightly joined interlocking pavers or bricks on sand do not allow water to pass through. Drainage systems must be incorporated into the plans.【Get Price】

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Travertine is a natural sediment-formed material largely made up of calcite, a naturally soft material and the go-to choice of many people when it comes to covering pool decks. This type of paver is really popular due to its heat resisting ability, slip-resistance, low-maintenance, and looks.【Get Price】

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Rubber is a relatively unknown surface option for pool decks but provides a great soft and nonslip surface that is able to withstand outdoor elements. Pebble-flex is an example of this type of product which is recognized more widely as the surface below public playground equipment.【Get Price】

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The most common styles are brick, cobble, tumbled, slate, flagstone, marble, granite and travertine. The reason pavers are becoming the go to choice for pool decks is mainly due to their benefits: 1.【Get Price】

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You can showcase any pool area by adding a deck that reflects your own style. When making your selections for deck materials, choose textured, nonskid surfaces and light earth tone colors. With very little effort, you can transform your pool into a breathtaking, appealing entertainment space for family, friends and neighbors.【Get Price】

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Poured in place rubber surfacing has become extremely popular nationwide as an alternative safety surface around swimming pools, decks, and water parks.These pool deck safety surface applications provide amazing color and a fresh new look to both indoor and outdoor pools and living spaces.【Get Price】

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A variety of factors go into the cost of building an above-ground pool deck, including the types of materials used, size and style the deck, any additional structures required based on local building codes, and the cost of labor if you hire a contractor. On average, the cost to build an above ground pool deck can range between $4,700 to $7,800.【Get Price】

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One of the most used types of stones is the slate. It is heavy, durable, and it can be cut in any shape and size. The variety of colors include dark gray, black, brown, red, purple, green and combinations of colors including blue. If you are looking for a natural design or a traditional space, then slate decking is the best option.【Get Price】

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The type of material you choose for a pool deck depends on a multitude of factors. Concrete is the one unique material that is most flexible to meet your demands. concrete’s durability and versatility make it a top choice. Plain gray surfaces, often associated with concrete, are not a characteristic that you’ll have to live with.【Get Price】

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Like Bluestone, Flagstone also is the non-generic type of natural stone type. Slate, Limestone, and locally available native rocks are getting flagstone titles when they find irregular shapes and surfaces. Thereby, flagstone is the cheapest yet sturdiest stone type choice for your outdoor paving project, including pool decking.【Get Price】

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Types of pool decks: Here are a list of some advantages/disadvantages of different pool decks out there that would be the area you walk on around your swimming pool. Kool Deck – least expensive, very cool on your feet, great for resistance to slipping. Stains easily, harder to maintain, can start wearing off in 10+ years.【Get Price】

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With an acid stain pool deck resurfacing solution, pool owners can enhance the concrete surface with this type of translucent shade of color. Some acid stains colors include caramel, café mocha, palm green, aqua mist, gold rush, desert sunset and Santa Fe red.【Get Price】

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There are a variety of manmade and natural materials that create superior pool decks, but those made from natural stone are matchless companions to sophisticated pool settings. It is important, however, to keep in mind that in order for natural stone to retain its beauty around a pool, it should be treated with an approved sealer so it can handle weather changes, pool chemicals, and hard use.【Get Price】

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The deck of your pool is a structural necessity, but it can also be a visual asset to your landscape if well-constructed. The most common types of pool deck material include pavers, stone, tile, wood, composite decking, and good old fashioned concrete. Each has its pros and cons for both aesthetics and functionality.【Get Price】