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Lay out your pallets in the shape of your deck and move them around until you are happy with the final position. Mark around the deck shape, remove the pallets and dig out the soil to allow for a layer of gravel beneath the framework for drainage. If the ground is not level, level it as you dig.【Get Price】

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Using planks from the same pallet, add a run across the decking base. You will need to cut down the pallet planks so that the lengths finish in the centre of a beam. You could cut off the ends with the nail holes for a neater finish.【Get Price】

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As the pallets dried, they laid 13x19 feet of geotextile fabric down where they were going to place the pallets. It would act as a base to prevent grass from growing between the wood.【Get Price】

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When drilling, mark out all pilot holes to ensure your fixings are as accurate as possible. Sand cut ends of timber to remove splinters. If you need to cut a board lengthways, do it with either a handsaw or circular saw, and place it at the area of least through traffic. Then, lay your deck boards from the opposite end.【Get Price】

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Whether you have a patio, deck or just a yard you can easily create enough seating by using old pallets. Combine several to make an oversized sectional. Paint the wood the color of your choice, add outdoor cushions and you have yourself the ultimate entertaining space.【Get Price】

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Pallets make excellent decking material. With their platform base already built in, it really is as easy as planning your deck and slotting your pallets together. Remember to use a good varnish to give your decking a perfect finish.【Get Price】

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Use a tack cloth to remove dust as you sand the pallet wood. If the dust settles in the pores, it can lead to your stain looking uneven and blotchy. Apply a wood conditioner to help the wood absorb stain evenly. Make sure that the wood is completely dry before you begin staining it.【Get Price】

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Jun 14, 2014 - Kevin rounded up some old wooden pallets by driving around to various warehouses, and through Craigslist. He had a project in mind, and just needed a bunch that were roughly equal sized. Want to see what he did with them? This impressive reclaimed wood backyard deck is the result! After measuring the space, he laid the…【Get Price】

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Pallets are popular choices for petite herb gardens. The reason is that they are easy to construct and also easy to place anywhere out of the way. Plus, they add a lot of life and beauty anywhere they are placed. So if you’d like to have a smaller herb garden without a ton of investment then give this idea a shot. Make this pallet garden 8.【Get Price】

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Make and deck with practically no money and very easily【Get Price】

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By prying out all the nails and staples from an average-sized wooden pallet, you get a stack of 1/2- to 1-inch thick planks, called deck boards, averaging 36 to 48 inches long, plus a couple of...【Get Price】

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You can make free garden decking from old pallets found dumped or begged from shops. I made one from 4 pallets. 3 x pallets were put lengthwise, side by side. I fastened them safely together at the back and front with old pieces of metal with holes for screws in them.【Get Price】

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The pallets skids are the first thing to grab whenever you are trying to to build something out of the pallets and here to install the gorgeous outdoor deck area you need to grab loads of pallets and then saw them into the custom size slats and planks.【Get Price】

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Dec 26, 2018 - Explore Beth McLendon's board "100+ Things to Make From Pallets", followed by 748 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about pallet diy, pallet furniture, wood pallets.【Get Price】

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Cut garden fabric to fit the back and sides of the pallet. Turn the pallet over and lay the garden fabric out over the back. Cut it large enough to completely cover the back, leaving enough room to go up the sides of the pallet, too, to help keep the soil in.【Get Price】

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The pallets can even be randomly sized. Since free pallets can be a bit inconsistent, this is a great option if you don’t get a uniform set. After placing the weed barrier and pavers, you arrange and attach the pallets. Then, you add 2x4s to the top, creating an attractive platform to use as a deck.【Get Price】