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If you’re an animal lover, you might want to turn your leftover composite deck boards into a home for your furry or feathered friends. Using a few composite deck boards, you can fashion a bird box that will provide a cosy place for birds to nest, especially during the winter months.【Get Price】

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A great way to make the most of your newest investment is to repurpose any surplus composite decking and put those unwanted boards to good use. To help get your creative decking juices flowing, here are five ways to use your leftover decking boards and squeeze some extra life out of your unwanted wood.【Get Price】

10 Outdoor Projects You Can Build with Composite Decking.

Whether it’s a manufacturer’s sample or a piece of scrap, turn short, leftover pieces of composite decking boards into shelves. The pieces can also be used to display room numbers and building addresses.  Check out these 12 heavy-duty garage storage racks. 3 / 10【Get Price】

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This customer has cleverly created a box planter edging system with their leftover Cladco composite decking boards. Another alternative with the composite decking is to create additional storage, such as a box storage or simply somewhere to hide the garden tools behind.【Get Price】

DIY Outdoor Table: What to do with leftover composite decking.

Ideas for leftover composite decking There are many different project ideas that can be made with our leftover composite decking. One of these projects was to create a DIY outdoor table that would be able to sit more than 10 people. We decided on making two smaller and skinnier composite decking outdoor tables instead of one large one.【Get Price】