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Here are the steps to build a dance floor on the grass section (the basic structure): 1 – Assemble the frame using two 44 in. pieces and two 8 ft. pieces as follow. Use 2 nails at each end for 2×3. (3 nails for 2×4 wood studs). 2- Due to lack of any guideline concerning dance floors, I suggest adding 4 interior studs.【Get Price】

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Design your event around the dance floor when planning your layout. Set the dance floor in a highly-visible area and plan the rest of your layout around it. If you want to make sure everyone gets up to dance, put your seating on one side of the dance floor and the DJ or speakers on the other side near the exit or bathrooms.【Get Price】

Dance floor DIY. How to build a floating floor. - YouTube and rough carpentry playlist f...【Get Price】

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This article can inform how to build a portable outdoor dance floor on uneven ground. Necessary Features for A DIY Dance Floor on Uneven Ground or Grass Waterproof Flooring: Make sure that any dance floor you consider for use on top of grass is fully waterproof. Even if you plan on covering the floor with a tent, there will still be moisture in.【Get Price】

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This video describes how to make a small dance floor. For a larger group, you will probably will want to build six frames. We only built two frames.【Get Price】

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Plywood is often sold in 4×8 foot sheets so a floor of 16 x 12 feet can be made just using 6 whole sheets. This is the solid top surface for each of 6 ‘blocks’ which will be put together to make the floor. For the support underneath you need to create a box structure under each sheet of plywood.【Get Price】