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The Composite Prime decking includes a high percentage of wood to give you that natural wood look, with a polyethylene base ensuring it’s tough against the elements. No need to worry about warping.【Get Price】

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This is due to the fact that the better part of the composite mixture (around 60 to 80%) is made of pieces of wood. The rest of it is reserved for compounds, such as polyethylene, UV-stabilisers, pigments and so on. Therefore, this type of material is also known as WPC – wood polymer composite. How long do composite decks last?【Get Price】

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Although the majority of decks are still built of pressure treated pine, redwood, cedar or mahogany, use of composite woods has increased as outdoor decks and living areas have become popular as home features.【Get Price】

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Use of wood composite products Composite wood products can be used in a variety of different ways, including both home and industrial construction, and is often used to replace steel for joists and beams in building projects.【Get Price】

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Composites are more durable than pressure-treated timber decking, without the concern of rotting, splintering or termite damage. But they are not mold-resistant and can be broken down by high temperatures. Also, with high UV exposure, composite deck boards are likely to sag and warp with more unpredictability than timber.【Get Price】

Minimize the use of composite boards like particle board and.

Composite board, also commonly referred to as pressed wood or manufactured board, is a cheaper substitute for solid wood. Composite board is man-made. It is manufactured by pressing and binding the strands, particles, fibers or layers of wood, cellulose, and even plastic together with adhesives to form a composite material.【Get Price】

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The varied grain pattern enhances the look and feel of the Nut Brown wood plastic composite cladding. It has been inspired by the natural elements and the pigments of natural timber, the rich deep tones of the wood grain pattern add beauty and dimension to any domestic or commercial project space.【Get Price】