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Radiance Post Skirt and Post Anchor Will a Radiance post skirt cover the Titan Post Anchor without having to modify the inside of the skirt or is the Titan 4x4 base to large? Using Titan post anchor on rooftop deck with flat 2x6 sleepers I'm building a floating deck on top of a flat roof. 2x6 sleepers are lying flat with hardwood deck boards on top.【Get Price】

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So easy to use anyone can have flawless wood skirts to complement their Titan Post Anchors. Designed to work with the new counter bored post anchors that use the flat head wood screw. The skirts are a slimmer and lower profile because of the lower sitting screw heads. Simply slide in the proprietary dovetail clips and slide each piece together.【Get Price】

How to install Post Anchor Blocking Joists Post Skirts.

How to install the Titan Wood Post Anchor to a post plus blocking the joist bays waterproofing the joists with G-Tape and securing the post anchor to the de...【Get Price】

How to Use Our Wood Post Skirts with the Titan Post Anchor.

Sometimes a classic wood deck is the look you are going for. This is entirely possible using our wood post skirts that are specially made to fit around our T...【Get Price】

Decking Post Skirt and Titan Post Anchor

The other skirt made by is intended to be used with regular 4x4 wood posts and their post sleeve which slides over the post. The outside dimensions of the post sleeve are about 4.5"x4.5" so the opening in the skirt is the same. As a result there is more room underneath and the post skirt sits flat on the deck surface nicely.【Get Price】

Titan Post Anchor Sizes with Post Sleeves

Not all post base skirts (or collars as they are also referred to) will fit over the Titan Post Anchor. For example the 4"x4" and Fiberon composite post sleeves having matching post skirts. However they do not fit over the post anchor because they do not have an inside cavity of sufficient size.【Get Price】

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They will fit over the Tisan and the Titan Post Anchors but they will not fit around a 4" post sleeve. They will only fit around a 4" x 4" wooden post. I had a phone representative check to see if they would fit. He didn't take into the fact of the 4" post sleeve that I mentioned so I had to return them and therefore lost the shipping fee I paid. I wasn't happy about that because I had the.【Get Price】

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Titan Post Anchor Works with Posts by: Editor - Rich Bergman Yes it does. The post is a solid composite material and is super dense. The anchor works well and makes a strong connection. However because it is so dense you have to follow the same instructions I recommend for other hardwoods like Ipe and Cumaru. That is you have to get.【Get Price】