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15 of the Best Sustainable Materials for Building

Wood is one of the most common renewable building materials for homes and furniture and is a great choice when it comes to cheap flooring alternatives and sustainable interior design materials. Unfortunately old furniture is usually thrown away and the same thing happens with demolished buildings – but we should reuse it.【Get Price】

23 Different Green Building Materials - The Constructor

Straw bale is another green building material which can be used as framing material for building because of good insulating properties. They can also act as soundproof materials. Non-load bearing walls of straw bale can be used as fill material in between columns and in beams framework is recommended.【Get Price】

10 Eco Building Materials Revolutionizing Home Construction

Rammed earth walls (or even floors) can be used as thermal storage allowing the sun to warm them in the day and then slowly release the warmth in the cool evenings. This low-carbon technique uses forms in which soil and binder is placed in layers and then pressure is applied to create a hard and durable surface.【Get Price】

Wall Coverings - Green Building Solutions

Wall Coverings - Green Building Solutions Used on nearly every type of surface plastic wall covering has grown in popularity increasingly serving as a design tool of choice for homeowners. Durable and easy to clean vinyl products offer the added benefit of longevity.【Get Price】

Walls - Sustainable Building Eco Development Techniques

Green Wall Materials Walls have the biggest effect on a building's overall environmental impact. They are also responsible for most of the heat loss from a house. Walls can have from a low to a very high intrisic energy embodiment depending on the amount of energy it takes to make and transport the materials used.【Get Price】

11 green building materials that are way better than concrete

Rather than relying on new research and technology straw bale building hearkens back to the days when homes were built from natural locally-occurring materials. Straw bales are used to create a...【Get Price】