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Commander is a casual Magic: the Gathering format but below the surface of precons is a passionate community of spikes. The competitive Commander community builds decks that win as efficiently as possible (which an unknowing spectator would unrealistic for a format of 99 different cards). Quite the contrary friends!【Get Price】

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Aggro decks do not have to be red – other common deck types in Magic history include green aggro (“Stompy”) and white weenie (again referring to the small creatures). These decks look to close games out quickly and kill the opponent before he or she gets a chance to deploy more expensive powerful spells.【Get Price】

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The game Magic: The Gathering requires each player to have their own deck in order to play. There are thousands of unique cards which can be used for this purpose thus a considerable number of different decks can be constructed. However decks can usually be loosely classified based on their play style and mode of victory.【Get Price】


Limited to gold-bordered cards available in Magic Online Planeswalker deck packs. LEARN MORE . Commander 1v1. Optimized for two-player games Commander 1v1 offers the same deck construction rules as Commander with a unique banned card list. LEARN MORE..【Get Price】

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MTG Standard and Arena decks Get the top current Magic the Gathering Standard decks and tournaments around the world and an analysis of the current standard metagame including the best MTGA decklists. Top Standard Metagame decks A complete list of the top Standard tier 1 decks updated to May 2021.【Get Price】

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By and large the most popular deck archetypes in the Commander format are tribal decks. Decks that revolve around a selected creature types Tribal decks are incredibly flavorful and synergistic immediately providing a deck with a unique identity based on the tribe its built around.【Get Price】

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Combo is a variable-speed deck that focuses on abusing interactions between cards. Many combo decks "go infinite" by endlessly looping a set of game actions. Aggro is strong against control and weak against combo.Control is strong about combo and weak against aggro.Combo is strong against aggro and weak against control. The colors are as follows:【Get Price】

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Now that we are past the Kaldheim experimentation phase we can now have a pretty stable metagame in Standard. The usual mono-colored decks are still here but the decklists have been altered. There are a lot of familiar decks in here but you may also see some surprise decks that are making a comeback to the Standard meta. 10.【Get Price】

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Spike is the competitive player. Spike plays to win. Spike enjoys winning. To accomplish this Spike will play whatever the best deck is. Spike will copy decks off the Internet. Spike will borrow other players’ decks. To Spike the thrill of Magic is the adrenalin rush of competition. Spike enjoys the stimulation of outplaying the opponent.【Get Price】

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Axes analysis The strategic axes analysis groups the different types of decks (aggro control combo aggro-control control-aggro aka midrange prison gimmick meta) into combinations of the axes listed below. Some of these may overlap with Aspect Analysis.【Get Price】

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Unlike every other MTG deck type Combo decks tend to be a law unto themselves. The only thing that ties them all together is that they specialise in winning seemingly out of nowhere. As a result they rely on having a single game plan that is put before everything else.【Get Price】

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While there are many different Magic: The Gathering decks they can all be grouped into just a few different archetypes including control aggro combo and midrange. Aggro decks have the lowest converted mana cost (CMC) of the four archetypes and they tend to win fast or not at all.【Get Price】

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Due to the nature of Limited formats players cannot build their decks in advance of the tournament and must build their deck within the tournament itself. There are currently three sanctioned Limited formats: Sealed Deck Booster Draft and Rochester Draft. Though the latter was no longer used in current competitive-level events.【Get Price】

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Most classifications of decks begin from one of three major strategies: aggro control and combo. Ramp is another main strategy however isn't as prominent as the other three.【Get Price】