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What are the Best Teak Wood Alternatives for Outdoor.

Luckily if you fall into this group you can be happy to know that there are a couple teak alternatives that offer the same combination of beauty and durability at a lower cost. The main benefit of teak is that it is a dense wood with lots of natural oil that protects it from weather pests and fungus.【Get Price】

A cheaper alternative to a paver patio??

It is possible to use a low deck designed to fit the space that floats over the ground area and if low does not need railings which can save on cost and overcomes drainage/unlevel issues so do not have to pay for the skill and work needed to make a level and well-draining stone/paver surface.【Get Price】

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The cost of your patio will depend on a range of factors such as the materials you use the size of the patio and the paving design. Other factors that will impact the cost include whether or not you will need any drainage channels or soak ways any issues with garden access or waste disposal the condition of the earth skip hire and any extras such as steps planting etc.【Get Price】

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For the best effects try smooth light Italian limestone or frostproof porcelain. There are some lovely truly hardwearing manmade tiles which give that perfect indoor-outdoor look at a lower cost...【Get Price】

Want a Patio? Try Stamped Concrete as a Low-Cost Alternative

A stamped concrete patio gives you the look and texture of a stone patio for a lot less than the real thing -- up to 50 percent less than the cost of natural slate or limestone.【Get Price】

Illustration 11: Lower Cost Patio Homes Alternatives

Illustration 11: Lower Cost Patio Homes Alternatives . Revitalization Concept for Bolton Avenue Corridor Illustration 12: Bolton Avenue Revitalization Concept Improved image and identity for the corridor and neighborhood Revived sense of destinat.【Get Price】

What is the Cheapest Patio Flooring Option?

Meanwhile another hugely popular patio preference is another outdoor classic – stone. Transcending trends and eternally enduring natural stone tiling – such as granite concrete limestone and sandstone – has long been a go-to for outdoor design.【Get Price】

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Perhaps the most obvious alternative to a paved garden is a lawn. It provides a soft surface for relaxing or playing and can be formal – closely cut and striped – or more natural with lawn daisies allowed to remain and naturalised bulbs planted around the edges.【Get Price】

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The main reason for the high cost is the fact that the new area needs to be raised up by about 2inches. I am looking at cheaper alternatives.i could get 4 bulk bags of gravel at £200 but then it would all get trodden into grass and I do go around barefoot which I wouldn't be able to if its gravel. I vaguely thought about using sleepers somehow.【Get Price】

Low-Cost Luxury: 9 Ways to Use Decomposed Granite in a.

Decomposed granite is a low-cost material–from $40 to $50 per cubic yard is the typical price range–and can be used as a border for a more expensive paving material. Its soft natural coloring visually widens a space without competing with other hardscape elements. Like mulch decomposed granite deters weed.【Get Price】

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A concrete paver patio is extremely low maintenance typically requiring only sweeping and an occasional hosing down or pressure-washing. Stamped Concrete Stamped concrete is poured but before the concrete sets it is stamped with a pattern that can help it resemble a variety of natural paving materials including flagstone.【Get Price】

Cheap Alternatives to Flagstone Patios

Stone veneer is just as durable as flagstone and requires relatively little maintenance. It is an ideal option if you are on a budget and are considering making your patio a do-it-yourself project. Stone veneer is a composite material made of a thin layer of real flagstone on top of another less costly paving material normally concrete.【Get Price】

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A cost effective way to fill flowerbeds with great looking plants is to buy perennials that you can divide. This may sound like advanced level gardening but really it isn't. It will work with.【Get Price】

Patio ideas – 24 Patio design ideas to improve any outdoor space

Choosing an alternative decking area helps to add character – as the exterior of this house proves with its brown weatherboard cladding. Bifold doors offer a transition rom the indoor wooden floorboards to the alternative wooden patio. Read more: Garden decking ideas and designs for plots both large and small 8.【Get Price】

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Metal garden furniture and wooden garden furniture are sturdy alternatives available in many styles. Weight is a good feature in garden furniture to stop it from being blown away but if you want to be able to move your furniture around the patio and garden to follow the sun you won’t want to go too heavy.【Get Price】

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Great finish – high-quality patios at low prices Industry specialists – we have years of resin flooring expertise Please contact our team on 01622 747909 or fill in the contact form below for a free quote and further information on our fantastic range of resin patio products.【Get Price】

What's the most eco-friendly alternative to a garden patio.

Concrete patio slabs are still perhaps the cheapest route to take. However concrete is far from being environmentally benign - quite the opposite in fact. Other options include bricks stone...【Get Price】

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When it comes to stone paving limestone and sandstone are the two most popular options on the market. They’re almost always the options compared by anyone thinking about starting a new driveway garden or patio project but it can be difficult to decide which would be the better choice.【Get Price】

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If your patio is in a sunny location an umbrella is a must-have. A 9-foot umbrella like the one pictured provides shade for square or round dining tables up to 48 inches across. Smaller 5-foot umbrellas work well for café tables or bistro sets.【Get Price】

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Updating old patios with dyes or stains is the most cost-effective way to liven up an old concrete patio but if you are looking to add a new patio or replace an old one you may want to find low-cost alternatives to a concrete patio. Materials like gravel or mulch create a natural environment that influences the overall design of the yard.【Get Price】

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Cost of concrete patio – If you want to find low cost alternatives to build a concrete patio. Materials such as gravel or mulch create a natural environment that influences the overall design of the patio. Sand is perhaps the simplest design material and requires very little care or maintenance. The use of sand as material for your patio will provide a summer beach style place that is not.【Get Price】