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This is a perfect solution when you want to put the fence on top of a concrete wall. Using a pipe embedded into the wall or a tower with a base that can be fastened to the wall a post can easy slide over the internal attachment to hide it and to secure the fence posts.【Get Price】

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The posts at both ends have to be fitted up against house walls. The fence panels are 5ft high and will sit on top of a 1ft high brick retaining wall. The concrete posts are therefore 8ft allowing for 2ft to be buried into the ground.【Get Price】

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I have fixed these posts (not the H type but the end type) to brick walls a few times using bolts. You drill a 10mm hole in the post and a 8mm hole in the brick wall and the bolt makes its own thread in the 8mm hole as you twist it in with a socket wrench or spanner. most builders yards supply these type bolts. leeco 20 Jul 2012 #4【Get Price】

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I need to order a new side wooden gate I have a 2 by 4 baton screwed onto the house wall to take the hinges. When the gate shuts it closes up level to a Concrete fence post. I`m looking for advice in attaching latch brackets etc to this concrete post.【Get Price】

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We are Rivelin Glen Products who have designed and manufacture the Wire Anchors for concrete posts. The price quoted is incorrect a pack of six is £15.50 and this includes free delivery. Very simple to install in a few minutes so will save you hours of work trying to drill the posts which have been known to spall. We also have a bracket which slots down the back enabling you to buy various.【Get Price】

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Clip n Hang is a unique range of 'Instant Fit' hanging basket pot holder and bird feeder brackets that attach directly on to: Concrete Fence Posts; Fences; Walls; Balcony Rails; Trellis; Drainpipes; Please browse our website to find the ideal bracket for all your floral displays! Our Stand at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2019【Get Price】

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The quick question is...."What would be the best way of attaching 4x4 posts to the top of a concrete basements steps wall?" The explanation is.... I have a new project (thanks to the wife!) of getting rid of the old metal fence around the basement steps wall and putting in a wooden one.【Get Price】

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If you cannot get a post that is long enough why not get either a trip of flat bar or 4 pieces say six inch long drill straight through the wall in 4 places and use screwed thread to bolt it through the wall. That is assuming the person on the other side of the wall doesn't mind.【Get Price】