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66 Creative Garden Edging Ideas To Set Your Garden Apart

Loose pebbles are a popular choice for garden edging but a pebble mosaic using polished stones will give your border a fantastic finish. It involves a little more effort than laying a traditional stone border but you will reap the rewards for years to come. This edging works best along lawns offering a wonderfully blended transition into the paving stones or cement of your pathway.【Get Price】

COMPOSITE WOOD border edging/lawn edging 250 m x 20 cm.

Use:- Delimit the lawn and other green areas in the garden - Placement around trees and bushes - Border and surround flower beds - Separate the lawn from dirt paths - As garden decoration Placement: Place the metres of border edging that you need on the ground forming the shape you wish. Secure the border edging with the metal rods (included) driving the tip of the rod into the ground with.【Get Price】

Composite Border Edging - Design Inspiration

A composite Border class used to compose two Border objects into a single border by nesting an inside Border object within the insets of an outside. The border-image-outset CSS property sets the distance by which an element's border image is set out border-image-outset.【Get Price】