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No decking product can claim to be completely non-slip but decking is more slip-resistant than other products greatly reducing the risk of a nasty fall. If you’re still not convinced that composite wood makes the best decking why not voice your concerns to us?【Get Price】

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Wood decks do present a slip hazard too. To help combat this pressure washing to remove algae can help but too much washing can cause timber to deteriorate at a faster rate. There are also products on the market that can create a better grip to the surface small inobtrusive aluminum inserts fitted into the deck. The case for composite/PVCu…【Get Price】

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Avoid decking and step slips Wooden decking is used extensively in commercial and residential settings and remains a firm favourite due to its pleasing appearance. However algae or moss can make your existing flooring slippery when wet and can prove to be very hazardous to walk on. Safe Tread GRP grip strips safety solution【Get Price】

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All timber deck boards without non-slip inserts will present a slip risk in wet conditions. Depending on the product and the non-slip configuration of the board Grispure's range of products with aggregate inserts will achieve a minimum initial PTV of 85. Further information can be found on our slip test results page. Potential Hazards【Get Price】

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Keep your deck clean of materials like leaves Wood deck surfaces and indeed other outdoor surfaces such as stone flags become slippery due to the combination of moisture and decaying organic matter. By sweeping debris like fallen leaves and dirt off your deck you'll significantly reduce surface growth. Coated decks dry quicker【Get Price】

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Hyperion composite decking is therefore anti-slip and skid-resistant with a low risk for slip potential for Pioneer and a low-moderate risk for Frontier decking. Disclaimer: It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of Hyperion Decking for their particular private or commercial installation.【Get Price】

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 Investing in ’s world-class anti slip decking products will be the safest thing you can do. ® manufactures a complete range of anti slip decking products. Our decking is available in softwood  and hardwood in a range of lengths and sizes including smooth and grooved profiles.【Get Price】