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White or Wood? What’s the Most Timeless Choice for Kitchen.

Hands down the best cabinet choice for a timeless kitchen is white. White kitchens simply don’t go out of style. I have been in so many kitchens over the years that it’s easy to tell the era of a home from the wood selection. It’s not only the type of wood used that dates it but also the colour of the stain.【Get Price】

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Composite materials have become widely used for the cores of all types of kitchen cabinets. To understand the differences between composite materials you need to know the differences between hardwood and soft­wood. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees (whose leaves fall off once a year) whereas softwood comes from evergreens. Plywood is made of thin sheets of【Get Price】

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Wait two hours (minimum) for the composite to dry completely. For interior wood composites dust with a broom. Use a tack cloth for tight spaces you can't reach with a broom. Using a roller coat surfaces with an acrylic latex primer.【Get Price】

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Did you know: you can use composite deck boards for more uses than just decking? 🤔 Here is a creative example of one of our customers who used the boards for a bar top. How do you use your composite wood boards in creative ways? Let us know! 👇 #compositedeckdirect #asekexteriors #backyard #outdoorlife #homeinspo #patio #deck #compositewood #diy #homerenos #earthfriendly #greenliving #.【Get Price】