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With a textured finish these moisture-resistant boards provide better traction and grip than their solid wood counterparts. This is especially true of 's capped composite decking range which boasts a protective polymer sleeve for additional anti-moisture attributes. Any spills can simply be wiped away!【Get Price】

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Compared to the standard MDF moisture-resistant MDF is still easy to sand and mill takes well to most adhesives veneers and paints but is made with a moisture-repellent resin. It’s ideal for kitchens bathrooms and boiler and laundry rooms and while a bit more expensive than standard MDF the moisture-resistant feature makes it well worth the investment.【Get Price】

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Lumber is an excellent structural material while plastic is a good water resisting material. When combined wood and plastic produce composite decking which is a water-resistant decking material. To make wood plastic composite better its makers coat its surface with plastic to prevent water or moisture from infiltrating into it.【Get Price】

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Composite Decking Can Withstand Moisture Better than Wood As we all know water is the main culprit in wood damage and decay. Though there are several ways to treat and add moisture protection to wood decking there is still the possibility of it failing if the deck is not regularly maintained.【Get Price】

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Another advantage of composite decking waterproof property is that it is stain resistant. Wood decking absorbs water or moisture readily and when oil or grease stains spill on it it absorbs it. Composite decking has a plastic-coated surface that prevents moisture and any liquid stain from infiltrating it.【Get Price】

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The constituent materials used to make wood-plastic composite are timber and plastic. Timber is a strong building material but it absorbs water or moisture. Plastic is not a structural material but it is waterproof unlike timber.【Get Price】