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Hello I’ve just moved house.When I arrived in the winterall the gatestables and decking were the same colourwith the same problem…I could literally run my thumbnail over the wood and the colour would come off in a slimy mess.Have cleaned this slim off with soapy water and on the deckingwith a power washer.Not all the brown slim if off uniformally but most of the decking is back to.【Get Price】

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The temperature of your deck in the hot sun is only one factor to consider while picking out a quality decking material or stain but can be an important factor depending on the location. So here are some things to consider while deciding what stain to pick out or which type and color of decking materials to put down. What side of the house is your deck or porch on? Will it have any shade.【Get Price】

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If your wooden decking is slippery blackened faded dirty warped or marred by unsightly gaps all is not lost. Read on for expert advice about getting timber decking back into tip-top condition for a long hot lazy summer of alfresco fun. Decked areas no matter how big or small need care and maintenance to keep them in tip top condition【Get Price】

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Mix 4 ounces of tsp with 1 quart of bleach and three quarts of water in a pump sprayer Spray down the entire deck with the solution and let it sit for 15-20 min. Do not let it dry on the wood. Scrub the deck with a hard bristle brush.【Get Price】

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Similar to ceramic tile only more suited to the outdoors porcelain tile can imitate the look of stone wood marble and other materials for maximum versatility and style. 2. Lighten Up. While they may not have a high heat conductivity you shouldn’t rule out traditional wood decking or composite decking for your backyard deck. Choosing a.【Get Price】