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ADVANCED FRAMING LUMBER. onCENTER Advanced Framing Lumber (AFL) is similar to solid sawn lumber but with higher design values. It takes all of the... It takes all of the... Blue Wood Is a Green Choice | Builder Magazine | Lumber.【Get Price】

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At some point in the life of your house the lumber that holds it together will get wet. The flashing will fail the roof will leak or as demonstrated by last year's hurricanes the rains will drive and the waters will rise. Frame a house with blue lumber though and the water won't wet the wood in the first place.【Get Price】

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Bluwood is a two part preconstruction wood protection system. The lumber has a film on it that helps prevent moister from seaping into the wood and also protects against fungus and wood eating insects. Any lumber can be treated. The film can be applied to any type of lumber from a 2×4 to OSB (Oriented strand board).【Get Price】

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Framing lumber also known as structural wood is the grade of wood used for house framing (studs Larsen Trusses for Double-Stud walls headers roof trusses and floor joists etc. as well as in timber frame construction). Its technical characteristics make it perfectly suitable when large spans are necessary. The list below outlines the different types of wood used as framing lumber most.【Get Price】

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C16 graded structural timber perfect for use in stud wall timber partitions and many other framing projects. Planed surfaces with eased corners to provide a precision finish.【Get Price】

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BLUWOOD is the name given to a family of wood frame building components with a proprietary factory applied two-part coating technology. The first part of this technology is an Infusion-Film which forms a water-repellent semi vapor permeable film interlocking with the wood fibers to provide controlled topical and subsurface moisture absorption.【Get Price】