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Add a few drops of specialised engineered wood floor cleaner to water and submerge your mop making sure to wring out as much water as possible before you begin. For very hard-to-remove stains try mixing white vinegar and hot water in limited amounts – though always check with your manufacturer beforehand.【Get Price】

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Your floor should dry within a minute or two after cleaning this is when you’ll know that you’ve used an ample amount of water when cleaning the stain from your engineered wood flooring. As the wood is living you need to treat it with love and some woods such as Beech or Canadian Maple can be more sensitive to moisture than others.【Get Price】

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When you clean engineered wood flooring it’s vital you don’t use too much moisture. So when mopping up a spill make sure the mop is well wrung out. For light stains a lightly damp cloth should suffice but if your floor has an oiled finish it would be worth using a soap or oil product to clean it rather than just water.【Get Price】

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Here are the steps to carefully clean your engineered hardwood flooring: 1. Sweep or Vacuum the Floor Dirt sand and small grain debris is a wood floors worse enemy.【Get Price】

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Cleaning Engineered Wood Flooring An engineered wood floor is a hard surface so it is always going to be easier to clean and absorb less dust than a carpet. It is very important to use the correct materials to clean them otherwise it can affect your floor. For regular cleaning a hoover with brushes down is usually enough.【Get Price】