how to stain a deck properly

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Use a long handled deck scrub brush and the previously mixed deck cleaning solution to really scrub the deck. Make sure you scrub every inch of the deck so you don’t cause any spotting. Leave the deck cleaning solution to stand for between ten and twenty minutes (no more than twenty).【Get Price】

How to Stain a Deck - Right Way to Apply Wood Deck Stain

First clean the deck appropriately especially if it's been a few years since your last staining. You want to avoid using a pressure-washer because it could damage the boards. Instead use your hose to spray any dirt off the deck. Then let it dry thoroughly.【Get Price】

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Once the deck is clear you'll need to clean it thoroughly because deck stain and even sealer will not apply properly if the surface is not clean. Sweep the deck to remove any dirt twigs and leaves cleaning the small gaps between boards with a putty knife. You can sand any badly splintered areas with sandpaper. Then clean the deck using a【Get Price】

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Water beading up on the deck boards means that the board is properly sealed. More importantly than beautifying your deck is that staining and sealing your deck will help protect your deck from the sun’s harsh UV rays and moisture both of which will shorten the life of exterior woods.【Get Price】