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Building a deck over a flat roof is very similar to building a deck over a concrete patio. These decks are often referred to as “floating” as they are not secured in place as a stand-alone structure. First you must make sure the roof is strong enough to support 55 lbs per square foot. … Do decks need to be sloped?【Get Price】

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Building a deck on a flat roof is neither difficult nor time-consuming. Two people can install a brand new deck in a weekend with little or no previous construction experience. Before beginning however it is important to do two things: inspect the roof to make sure it is in good condition and acquire any permits that may be required by the local zoning board.【Get Price】

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Much of the work that’s being done here is identical to what you would see on any deck built in a suburban backyard. But the rooftop location does offer some unique challenges particularly in regard to the deck’s foundation. One of the challenges in building a deck on a roof like this that’s unlevel is the deck needs to be level. Now.【Get Price】

How to Build a Deck Over Flat Roofs: Considerations and DIY.

building a rooftop deck over living space – buildingadvisor17 oct 2014 for building a long-lasting and leak-proof rooftop deck over living space. martin writes: how do you properly build a concrete deck (with a roof) over the turnout at the bottom so the vertical leg of the flashing would sit flat.【Get Price】

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Rooftop decks are possibly the most punishing area to build a deck. They’re low clearance (moisture can get trapped below) low ventilation and high exposure. They often see the sun all day long. Choosing the right decking to survive - and thrive - in this environment is an important decision.【Get Price】

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Create beams to the architect's specification in terms of length and thickness; for example you may need to create a 4-by-10 beam out of two 2-by-10 pieces of lumber. Clamp the lumber together. Mark the top and bottom of the beam every 3 feet 3 inches in from the edge. Drill through both pieces of lumber at each mark with a paddle bit.【Get Price】