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Prato-Verde soaps which contain no solvents or aggressive products are used for the regular maintenance of oiled wood. The soap for oiled floors cleans and regenerates the finish of the wood thanks to its natural oil content. The protector maintains the matte-satin lustre and diminishes the little scratches caused by everyday wear.【Get Price】

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Maintenance and repair products Kährs provides a broad range of maintenance and repair products. If the floor is maintained and cared for its beauty will last for generations to come. Kährs original maintenance products are by far the best for your Kährs engineered wood floor.【Get Price】

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A superior cleaner ideally suited to all wooden and cork floors that have been sealed lacquered or varnished oiled or waxed. It dries to a clear residue free finish. Spray apply (via the supplied bottle) the cleaner and wipe with a cloth (microfibre is ideal). BONA WOOD FLOOR REFRESHER 1 litre【Get Price】

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You can purchase liquid cleaning products designed for engineered hardwood floors at your local hardware store. If a local hardware store does not have them check the “Cleaning” or “Flooring” section or a larger some supply store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. 2 Scrub spills and stains with the liquid cleaner.【Get Price】

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When cleaning sensitive floors use water-based cleaning products in moderation. If you have light coloured wood flooring clean more often to avoid wear. For best results use a product like Kährs Cleaner which you dilute with water. Use it or the ready-mixed Kährs Spray Cleaner together with our spray mop.【Get Price】

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Hardwax Oiled Floor Maintenance Up to three coats of hardwax oil are buffed into the top layer. The high solid oil oxidises to form a wax surface to form a durable layer with a rich silky appearance which is simple to maintain.【Get Price】

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WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap also known as Oil Refresher is a cleaner and revitalizer for oiled hardwood maintenance. Oil Refresher Natural is for natural oiled and color oiled floors and Oil Refresher White is for white oiled wood floors.【Get Price】

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If you’re not sure about your floor’s finish and recently had it installed the manufacturer can recommend a cleaning solution for your particular hardwood floor. Surface sealed: Sealants include polyurethane urethane and polyacrylic. The benefit of these finishes is that they’re water-resistant stain-resistant and simple to clean.【Get Price】

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Beaulieu UV-Cured Oiled Engineered Hardwood Floors can be well maintained and cleaned using Woca Oiled Wood Floor cleaning and care products. Sometimes it can be tricky to select the right cleaning products for oiled hardwood flooring so carefully read the Beaulieu instructions for care and maintenance of their Engineered UV-Cured Oiled Hardwood.【Get Price】

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Clean Wood Floors With Eucalyptus Oil It disinfects helps extract ground-in dirt and leaves a pleasant scent behind. It can help remove years worth of dirt and grime with little effort and is safer for the environment than many commercial cleaners.【Get Price】

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Deep clean heavy dirt and grime buildup. If a surface-finished hardwood floor still looks dingy or dull after dusting deep clean it with any pH-neutral wax-free and petroleum-free cleaner such.【Get Price】


Regular Cleaning of Your Oiled Wood Floor Use Wickham’s soap concentrate for oiled floors and a mop. Vacuum to remove dirt and dust. Mix 50 ml of soap concentrate with 4 litres of water.【Get Price】

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A microfiber cleaning pad should be used with a hardwood floor cleaning solution that is sprayed lightly across the floor and mopped with the cleaning pad. Please note that this method can also be used on engineered wood floors too. All of the cleaners we recommend are for use on solid and engineered hardwood. How to clean your wood floors【Get Price】

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Floor cleaning and maintenance products for use on a wide range of floorcoverings:-Treatex Osmo and Bona products suitable for all types of wooden floors and laminate Kahrs range specifically designed for use on kahrs hardwood flooring - complete cleaning systems - mops and spray mops cleaners lacquer refreshers and oil maintenance products【Get Price】

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Product room and floor temperature should be between 15 and 35 degree C. Ensure good ventilation at all times during the application and drying time. Clean the floor with 125ml Wood Cleaner mixed into 5 litre water. Leave the floor to dry for at least 8 hours. The floor must be completely dry.【Get Price】

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Clean your floor using a microfibre mop and wooden floor cleaning spray. Never use a steam mop wet mop furniture polish or abrasive products. This entry was posted in Wood Flooring and tagged looking after hardwood cleaning hardwood floors maintaining hardwood caring for hardwood flooring cleaning wooden floors protecting wooden flooring on May 31 2018 by Chris Elliott .【Get Price】

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Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors is a safe easy and effective cleaner for oiled wood floors. It cleans and nourishes your wood floor while providing extra protection. Free shipping on orders over £60.00.【Get Price】

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Wood Floor Cleaners Keep wood floors looking great with these professional wood floor cleaners. Specifically developed for engineered and solid wood floors these non-abrasive pH-balanced floor cleaners are perfect for cleaning floors finished with floor oils floor waxes or floor varnishes.【Get Price】 oiled wood floor cleaner

Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner: for Hardwood Real Natural and Engineered Flooring Biodegradable Safe for Cleaning All Floors. 4.4 out of 5 stars 4490 £23.98 £ 23 . 98 (£6.22/kg)【Get Price】

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Floor cleaning and maintenance products for use on a wide range of floorcoverings:- Treatex Osmo and Bona products suitable for all types of wooden floors and laminate Kahrs range specifically designed for use on kahrs hardwood flooring - complete cleaning systems - mops and spray mops cleaners lacquer refreshers and oil maintenance products【Get Price】

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Although more regular maintenance is required for oiled hardwoods the simplicity is the main benefit. Floors with white-wash or grey-wash should use the Woca Premiere Kit White; all other colors should use the Woca Premiere Kit Natural. This kit includes all the necessities to get cleaning:【Get Price】

5 Easy-to-Make Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner Recipes

Clean your floors with these five homemade wood floor cleaner recipes and cleaning tips. Learn how to make DIY all-natural hardwood floor cleaner recipes that use simple products like vinegar castile soap rubbing alcohol and baking soda. #woodfloor #floorcleaner #naturalrecipes #diycleaningtips【Get Price】

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An oil finish adds an unmatched beauty to the hardwood. Allowing the user to feel the natural wood grains with each step. Oil finished flooring is designed to enhance the wood and allow the wood to become better looking with age. Using the right floor care product is the most important concept for maintaining its beauty. Although more regular maintenance is required for oiled hardwoods the.【Get Price】

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Murphy’s Oil Soap Squirt and Mop Wood Floor Cleaner We also recommend Murphy’s Oil Soap’s easy-to-use squirt and mop formula. This product is 98-percent naturally derived which put our minds at ease when using it around kids and furry friends. After use our floors looked exceptionally shiny and well conditioned.【Get Price】

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Regular cleaning and caring for oiled wood floors has never been easier. Using products like WOCA Master Soap and WOCA Oil Refresher Soap for polishing and oiling your floors you can bring them back to life for long-lasting beauty.【Get Price】

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Clean the surface using Blanchon Natural Soap. Mix 100ml in 5ltrs of warm water for normal cleaning and apply with a damp cloth or well wrung out mop. Do not allow large amounts of water to be left on the floorboards. (For heavily soiled floors increase natural soap strength of 250ml in the same amount of water).【Get Price】

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To clean your floor we would recommend using a microfibre mop and PH neutral cleaning spray. This will be gentle but effective on your wooden floor. Try to clean in the direction of the grain. You should never use furniture polish as this will leave a slippery residue.【Get Price】

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Cleaning and maintaining an oiled wood floor Regular cleaning of your oiled wood floor will keep it looking its best. Maintaining your floor in the correct way is essential as the oil it has been treated with has specific needs compared to other finishes. One of our most important rules is to never use steam cleaners or scrubber dryers.【Get Price】

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Sweep or vacuum-clean your oiled floors as often as needed. Use Bona’s mild specially-formulated Cleaner For Oiled Floors. Just spray and wipe! Do not use ”all-purpose” cleaners on your oiled floors as they tend to leave a dull residue You normally end up using too much water as well which is damaging to your oiled floors.【Get Price】

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Vinegar is another one of those ubiquitous highly touted household cleaning products that ought to be used with caution when it comes to your wood floors. “Using too much vinegar and water on your...【Get Price】

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Cleaning Care We supply a range of quality cleaning and care products to keep your wood flooring in tip top condition. Whether your floor is oiled or lacquered using the correct cleaning products will significantly prolong the finish of your wood floor.【Get Price】

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Cleaning Engineered Wood Floors Maintenance and Advice . Cleaning/Maintenance . General Tips for maintaining the Engineered floor. Maintenance is more about knowing what your product is what type of finish it is . If it is oil it needs soap and an oil product ; If it is a lacquer it needs detergent and wax products【Get Price】