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Bamboo structures Panels of woven bamboo frames add a very hip and cheeky look to your place. You can also doodle on them for better effect. These kind of fences tend to instil warmth and comfort in people so they might also be a good idea if you are opening a business like a cafe’.【Get Price】

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10 feet spacing on your fence posts is to far for a wood fence. 6' is the cost effective spacing and 8' is about the max. Without taking the design into consideration you could insert a wood post at the halfway mark between the metal posts (wood columns are relatively cheap in comparison to metal).【Get Price】

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Wall fence is generally used to make a boundary with the garden of your house. The landscape of the building also gets enhanced through the design of the fence. A huge variety of fence designs are available with different kinds of styles and patterns which will surely cater to your needs. Wall fences made up of iron rods and woods are very much.【Get Price】

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The gothic fence design is a series of evenly spaced vertical boards with pointy tops. They are often used decoratively for domestic boundaries and don’t do much in terms of privacy or protection.【Get Price】