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static electricity in outdoor deck - ECN Electrical Forums I have heard that this is a big problem with composite decking. From what I have read a grounding grid or other type of static drain wire doesn’t seem to help since the deck material itself is non conductive. Some of the composite decking manufacturers claim that.【Get Price】

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and composite and PVC decking which will vary depending on climate and site conditions. Static electricity is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is not a defect. In the case of excessive static buildup on an installed deck Fiberon recommends the following: 1. Remove loose debris from the deck surface. 2.【Get Price】

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The reason I'm asking is because a client asked about whether I knew of any other instances of static electric shock from a deck using composite material. Here in the Northwest high temperatures and dry air are rare so I'm putting the blame on the makeup of the deck material and the soles of the client's shoes unfortunately I don't know the brand of either.【Get Price】

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In the US Heavy Duty Staticide® is used as a maintenance product for eliminating static from composite decking. This product is a non-toxic topical anti-stat that leaves behind a surface-active residual substance that washes away with water. Since this product is not a permanent coating reapplications are advised after weather conditions such as rains or snow.【Get Price】

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Combine a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray your furniture lightly with the mixture and allow to dry. The vinegar smell will dissipate quickly. Vinegar gets rid of static electricity.【Get Price】

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Dealing with Static Electricity . Another problem that can affect or any type of composite decking is static buildup. Have you ever walked across a carpet and received a small shock after touching a metal surface? Well the same thing can happen with composite decking if you live in a dry area and the conditions are just right.【Get Price】

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AND STATIC ELECTRICITY The buildup of static electricity on a fl at surface can affect walking surfaces. This phenomenon can occur in dry climates where hot dry winds and dust-born particles can create static electricity on the surface of the decking.【Get Price】

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Static charge build-up is enhanced when the air is dry. So static problems and effects are often noticed in dry air conditions. The air outside can be very dry when the weather is cold and dry. Indoors central heating or air conditioning can give very dry conditions which promote static electricity. Heating warms the air and reduces its humidity.【Get Price】

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will not acknowledge this is a problem but does suggest grounding the deck. I agree with some posts above that grounding the deck won't work otherwise I would get a discharge from the non light post caps as well. Would be interested in hearing any other experiences with static discharge and the effect on deck lighting. BTW I live in Colorado low humidity very dry climate.【Get Price】

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The contractor who had the decking planks installed could not get any answers from the deck manifacturer. I'm wondering if I ground every plank will the static charge discharge itself to ground instead of discharging through a person? Obviously the plastic planks don't conduct electricity but will the static electricity use this grounded path?【Get Price】

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Watch more Stains Laundry videos: your chances of getting a nasty shock that's n...【Get Price】

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Got quite a shock from the plastic deck turn up the volume【Get Price】

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Some of the composite decking manufacturers claim that the static issue will subside as the decking ages but it appears that in the meantime their only answer to the problem is to either to avoid walking on the deck with bare feet which seems ridiculous and unrealistic to me especially in the summer months or spraying the deck with water before use which IMO is equally ridiculous and.【Get Price】


Problem Solution and Static Electricity While this is not common static electricity can occur on walking surfaces in dry climates or in areas where dry winds and dust-borne particles lay on the decking surfaces. Static electricity can build up on occupants walking across any composite【Get Price】

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4. Don’t Be Shocked by Static Electricity Don’t worry — the buildup and generation of static electricity is a naturally occurring phenomenon in many composite decking boards. While the light show might surprise you know that static electricity is naturally occurring and not a defect.【Get Price】