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Anti-slip floor treatment - how when this can help to solve.

An anti-slip floor treatment is a proven, cost-effective way of making existing floors safer if it is shown that the inherent floor surface itself is slippery when wet. We conduct 10,000s of m2 of anti-slip floor treatment each year.【Get Price】

Anti Slip UK | Non Slip Flooring Supplier | Polydeck

Polydeck is the UK’s leading manufacturer of anti-slip flooring solutions. We are ISO 9001 certified and are an approved RISQS to the railway network (supplier number 093134).【Get Price】

Anti-Slip Floor Tiles | H E Smith Ltd

Anti-Slip Floor Tiles – When planning a floor, it is essential that you consider the purpose for which it will be used. When people are using the floor in a variety of conditions, it is vital that you consider the anti-slip properties of the tiles you select. The HSE specify the use of the “Pendulum Test” to assess the suitability of tiles. The explanation from their website explains how.【Get Price】

Anti Slip Floor Specialists - Anti Slip | ProTech Property.

ProTech’s anti-slip floor treatment is a quick, effective and cost efficient solution that improves safety in areas with both wet and dry slip hazard potential. Our anti-slip floor coating is a clear product that can be applied to any resilient hard floor without altering the appearance of the floor.【Get Price】

Commercial Safety Flooring | Slip-Resistant Flooring | Altro

Safety flooring is specially engineered to minimise slip risk and provide safe movement in low to high traffic environments. It is often referred to as non-slip flooring, however, this is a misconception. It is designed to minimise the risk of injury in areas that are exposed to the spillage of contaminants.【Get Price】