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25 Cool Patio Floor Ideas for Outdoor 2017

The floor in this patio has a gravel base, which isn’t very good-looking or easy to walk on, so it was covered with hollowed out, mid-century style concrete blocks, which add an elegant touch and make a better walking surface while still letting the original floor shine through. via freshdigs【Get Price】

Making a DIY Earthen Floor: two methods - Milkwood.

Cure floor with linseed oil process as per the previous method. Note: each of the layers in this method needs to be completely dry before starting the next layer. So there you go – there are many other ways to build a long-wearing earthen floor other than these two methods, but that’s a start.【Get Price】

How to Build a 2x4 Outdoor Sectional Tutorial - YouTube

Follow Ana on Instagram: to build an outdoor sofa couch or sectional out of 2x4 boards! With just a drill, saw and...【Get Price】

How to build a basic, ground-level deck | Outdoor Garden | B&Q

Make two pencil marks on each end of the deck frame's two outer joists - these are at right angles to the inner joists. These marks are where the coach screws will go. Make the marks to align with the centre of the adjoining outer joist. This will total eight marks - two in each corner of the outer joist frame.【Get Price】

Outdoor Pallet Flooring or Deck - Easy Pallet Ideas

Pallet flooring can be done in multiple ways and with multiple patterns! Here is an inspiration of this outdoor pallet flooring to make it explained better to you! Put the sturdy ones pallet boards on the floor of your targeted area or place, align them perfectly and then give a fine complete look them by using one more layer of removed pallets on【Get Price】

How to Build a Deck - Build It

Building a simple timber deck is a reasonably straightforward DIY job. It also tends to be a quicker and more affordable option than investing in hardstanding patio materials, such as flagstones of block paving. Browse the gallery for decking design ideas:【Get Price】

How Is Hardwood Flooring is Made? | BuildDirect Learning.

Solid wood floors are constructed of planks made from a single piece of wood with tongue and groove edges. Planks are delivered to factories pre-finished or unfinished. Manufacture of the flooring starts with the tree itself. After trees are cut into logs, what they will be used for is determined by the quality of the tree.【Get Price】

Suspended Timber Floor and How to Build a Floating Hollow.

Building and understanding a suspended or hollow timber floor. We explain how hollow or suspended floors are made and what the key building regulations that affect them are. Whether building a ground floor suspended timber floor or a first floor hollow floor, we explain the different options and techniques that you can use in its construction.【Get Price】

How to Build a Den - Kids' Outdoor Activity - Woodland Trust

Make a mini den. This activity is a lovely way for very small children to have a go at den building. Simply collect a handful of small sticks and prop them up against a tree trunk or fallen branch to make a mini den. Make the inside of your shelter nice and cosy with some fallen leaves. Now it’s ready for child’s favourite teddies or dolls.【Get Price】

15 Cool Ideas For Amazing-Looking Outdoor Flooring

With a tile stencil, of course. If you have a special design in mind you can create your own unique stencil and then you can use it to paint your outdoor flooring. A concrete patio would be perfect for this because it’s flat and pretty smooth. If you like the idea, check out cuttingedgestencils for more tips and details.【Get Price】

How to Build a Floor for a House : 11 Steps (with Pictures.

The sill plate must be square, even if the foundation was poured out of square. This will make your floor system square and hopefully keep the rest of the house framing closer to square as you go up to the roof. Squaring a floor is done by making a "345 triangle" on the top of the foundation. The numbers stand for the lenght in feet, 3' 4' 5.【Get Price】

How to Build an Outdoor Living Room (DIY) | Family Handyman

Center and nail the two temporary ridge supports, one to the house and the other to the post braces. Cut, place and tack each ridge member in position atop the ridge supports, then recheck the ridge for level and center. Brace the ridge with a couple of 2x4s nailed to the ridge and each beam.【Get Price】

How to Build a Garden Home - Build It

Building your garden room. Garden rooms are often custom made to order, so allow at least 10-12 weeks from manufacture to installation. Once the foundations have been laid, the structure can be supplied in a number of ways depending on how much you want to spend and how involved you want to get with the building side.【Get Price】

How to Build a Dance Floor

To make a somewhat long, 5 month long story, short, I had a dance floor and then I didn’t have a dance floor, I had a dance floor and then I didn’t. In fact I thought I had a dance floor until the Sunday before the Wedding Carnival. It fell through – five days before the event.【Get Price】