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It’s no secret that walking up on the roof is a dangerous task. The danger increases especially if the roof is sloped. It doesn’t matter if your roof is corrugated, a standing seam, or is made of a single-ply membrane. Manufacturers design rooftop walkway systems so that their surfaces remain slip resistant.【Get Price】

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IKO Armourplan PVC membrane is robust enough to withstand light foot traffic for normal roof inspections, which should be carried out at least twice a year. Care should be taken when walking over any areas that may suffer from some water retention as there could be a build-up of silt which is likely o present a slip hazard.【Get Price】

FAQ: Can I walk on an EPDM rubber roof?

At Rubber Roofing Direct, our PS walkway pads and paving support systems are designed to improve the structure of the flat roof and reduce any damage that could be caused by regular use of walking across the surface. PS Walkway Pads are designed to protect the EPDM membrane from regular foot traffic.【Get Price】


Home > Safe Access Platforms and Step-Overs > Kee Walk Step-Over Kits > Step-Over Kit for membrane /asphalt /pvc roofs – 1200mm high £ 3,959.93 inc VAT The standard 1200mm high step-over provides as safe, anti-slip walkway between levels or over obstacles such as pipework, plant and machinery.【Get Price】

Membrane / asphalt / PVC roof step over (suitable for.

A standard size roof step over designed to tackle obstacles of up to 600mm high (and a width of 1000mm). This solution is suitable for membrane / asphalt / PVC roofs.【Get Price】

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If you intend to use a ladder on the roof use a plank or board to spread the load. The Resitrix System can withstand a higher level of traffic and is suitable for escape routes. The membrane is reinforced and thicker than standard EPDM. RESITRIX also has a textured surface for slip resistance.【Get Price】

RELIABLE SAFE ACCESS The Safe Access Solution for Roof Top.

surfaces and multiple obstructions all present hazards which need to be overcome. KEE WALK offers a solution to these problems by providing a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface for means of access to and across roofs. With adjustable step sections and the ability to traverse a roof across the slope, KEE WALK has the inherent【Get Price】

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Walkway Pads The EPDM Walkway Pads are designed to protect the EPDM Rubber Roof membranes in those areas on flat roofs exposed to repetitive foot traffic. They have a dimpled top surface with a Pre-applied Seam Tape on the underside for bonding it to the EPDM membrane.【Get Price】

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Watco Roof Walkway Matting is specifically designed as a safe walkway for flat roofs in all weather conditions. Compatible with vinyl roofing membranes, easy to lay and completely maintenance free. Its anti slip tread and open grid self draining system provides permanent slip resistance even in areas where water may pool. Recommended areas of use【Get Price】

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Walkway pads: Utility surfacing for commercial flat top roofing membrane protection, geared for industrial applications. It protects and extends the life of the membranes from foot traffic, tool drops and flying projectiles. With this product, workers can easily access rooftop appliances, HVAC units and other products, Chartrand explains.【Get Price】

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Roof surfacing materials are required to protect bituminous roof membranes from direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays). This includes bituminous, modified bituminous, and built-up roof membranes. In addition, the top ply or felt in a BUR must be protected from weather exposure to prevent “wicking” of moisture into the system.【Get Price】

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Below is a walk-on roof balcony from another 19th century New York building that was covered in interlocking copper shingles soldered together. How about a "drive-on" roof surface. Below we illustrate the roof of a home along the Hudson River in New York. And below is a New York City rooftop deck constructed over a flat membrane roof surface.【Get Price】

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Utilise slab supports to install slabs over the membrane. Lay a 50mm concrete screed over the membrane and install tiles/slabs over the screed. Please note that Roofing Kits Direct also provide Fibreglass Flat Roofing Kits - Our 600gm kits are highly suitable for balconies and heavier foot traffic scenarios.【Get Price】

Monarplan Walkway Membranes For Single Ply Roofing Systems.

Monarplan W - Walkway Membrane Monarplan Walkway Membrane is a weather resistant PVC membrane which is anthracite in colour and incorporates an embossed, non-slip, interlocking herringbone tread pattern. Monarplan W Walkway Membrane is intended for use with Monarplan PVC roofing membranes.【Get Price】