perforated floor diffusers

FSW - Floor Swirl Diffusers | HVC

About FSW - Floor Swirl Diffusers. Floor swirl diffusers are specially reinforced units, providing an effective method of supplying air to areas like open-plan offices. Perfect for large open plan areas using raised access flooring.【Get Price】

Perforated Grille (PG) — Air Diffusion

25mm wide flange frame with corners mitred and welded. The fixed perforated steel core is located within the outer frame extrusion and retained in situ by the flange frame.【Get Price】

Floor diffusers | TROX UK Ltd

visualisation of air flow - floor diffusers diffuser In the TROX Air flow studio, the flow behavior of the air with various air distribution system is made impressively visible. The introduction of smoke in an authentic situation with space heat load simulators shows real flow patterns.【Get Price】

Perforated Plate Grilles | HVC - HVC | Grilles, diffusers.

We hold large quantities of 595mm x 595mm overall tile replacer perforated plate grilles in stock for immediate delivery. Otherwise, grilles are manufactured in house to your requirements, with HVC 's industry-beating lead times.【Get Price】

Diffusers - JPR SERVICES

A comprehensive range of ceiling mounted perforated face diffusers is available, including the redesigned Model PD, Model DFP drop face perforated diffuser more… Stainless Steel Floor Swirl Diffusers The stainless steel floor swirl diffusers provide high levels of strength and style from a perforated circular face floor diffuser design.【Get Price】

Diffusers - Air Precision from Monodraught

Perforated Plate Diffusers - Excellent diffusion characteristics - Suitable for both supply and extract applications - Ceiling diffuser type frame - Extruded aluminium construction > Select Perforated Plate Diffusers. Circular-Small Format... - Very high.【Get Price】

Perforated Face Diffuser | Ceiling Mounted Perforated Face.

A new feature encompassing a two position perforated face design is incorporated into the Model DPP drop plaque perforated face ceiling diffuser, which results in the diffuser providing rapid room entrainment. An easily adjustable two-position perforated plaque gives alternative air projection into the occupied space.【Get Price】