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Unlike most types of fencing, slatted panels can be used without gravel boards. Lap Fence Panels. Featuring horizontally placed timber boards, a single panel of lap fencing is usually made up of three sections of overlapping boards with a framework around the edges and down the main body to create a sturdy but cost-effective structure.【Get Price】

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Plucked straight out of the shire (and a few horror films), rustic driftwood fence will add a barrage of artisan character to your garden. The smooth, ‘spiky-ish’ appearance of the driftwood brings a new dimension of creativity and elegance that will make your garden flourish.【Get Price】

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Shop / Fencing / Decorative Fence Panels. European Panels Gates from North West Timber Treatments Ltd will give your garden that extra decorative look. Our Decorative European Panels Gates come in a range of different styles and sizes; simply choose from the drop down menu on the product pages.【Get Price】

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Available in wood, concrete or steel. Wooden posts are suitable for timber fences, and may be treated for protection against moisture in the soil. Concrete posts are available for timber and chain-link fencing. FINIAL refers to a decorative addition to the post cap. A finial can be fixed directly on to the cap, and is used to add a little extra.【Get Price】

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Timber bollards are often used as an attractive alternative to fencing where a solid fence isn't required and a decorative effect is desired. This can be in areas such as play areas or walkways as they allow pedestrians to pass through but prevent vehicles from doing so.【Get Price】